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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The world Vs Paul Christoforo

In the Beginning of December a man by the name of Dave spent 50 dollars to buy a gift of a custom joypad for xbox 360 from ocean marketing in the weeks to come came a horrific wait and abusive emails that seemed to get worse between the Mr Paul Christoforo a pr executive from ocean marketing and the customer it gets worse when the owner of penny arcade got involved in the chain  of emails and received  similar amount of abuse of a response  from ocean marketing and now has been completely ocean marketing has been completely black listed by ign and every important blogger in the gaming industry because of this series bad unprofessional emails sent by this one individual this company will be seeing bankruptcy in their future as this shows the danger of having people in positions that they can not handle the responsibility.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Post No.69 gorlesque christmas

This weekend set stage for one Ireland's unique events Gorlesque Black Xmas an event that is a must see for anybody . The host was none other than the lollita Lush a country renowned burlesque performer and mastermind of the whole operation showing not just that burlesque is not just smut but entertainment delivering story and talent to a audience  . The event hosted by Lollita Lush shows how a real stage performance should be done. The was true spectacle of world class performances from my personal favorites being MissKhameleon Korpse for her truly disturbing and erotic performance mixing lust and gluttony in horror fashion and the singing performances of one Miss Venus De Vilo were a true treat to warm anyone up during the Christmas season 

Friday, December 16, 2011

One the First of Xmas Kon gave to me a bunch of hobos and Baby Review Tokyo godfathers

Note that through the years christmas hasnt been a anime haven over the years since the Japanese are mostly Buddhist . Not many animations have had made me cry at times but this coming from Satchi Kon's mind and scripted by Keiko Nobumoto famous for Wolf's Rain and Cowboy Bebop that tokyo godfathers has been one of the only films that has touched me so much. Set in modern Tokyo in the derelict homeless settlements sets 3 homeless people Gin an alcoholic Hana a okama (transvestite) and former drag queen and Miyuki a runaway teenager find a baby alive amongst the rubbish and garbage . they make it their duty to find the family of the baby and return their child . But in return they come encounter a series events that points them to the child's parents but also makes them confront the issues they have kept from the past . The animation is exactly drawn with high detail with paying extra effort to the background effects for the people who appreciate it . The film is in the 10 of my favorite anime films list and always will be 10/10

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

You Under Arrest Now Im going shoot you in the face MadBull 34

This OAV based the manga by the insane genius Kazou Koike who is most famous for his works such Lone Wold and Cub and Samurai Excutioner of the same name  who is essentially the anime godfather of adult anime  was released in 1990 by the studio Magic Bus that has produced very little and the dubbing was done by Manga Entertainment . the story revolves around the protagonist Diazaburo Eddie Ban a half Japanese half american police fresh on the beat of the mean streets of New York City in the 1980s. He only wants to enforce the badge and the city he's sworn to protect . the only problem is his partner john Sleepy Estes is far from law abiding or sane. Some classify him as a crooked cop as he deals with hookers with his manhood and the rest of the scum of the city he deals by blastin ghtem to high heaven . This rare forgotten series is a true treasure for its gritty detailed and semi realistic approach of what New york in the 1980s was like to visitors to the city . As well as a bonus if you track down the english dub of this by Manga Entertainment you'll hear what in the industry they call 15ing where they purposely put in curse words to raise the rating on this which can lead to hilarious catch phrases like Fuck you junior . This show while maybe aged and over the top with violence, sex and cursing. It is a pure gem to see what anime started from 10/10 hookers and blow

Monday, November 14, 2011

Blackmail beer and Cosplay - Eirtakon Overcap

Well For my personal opinion going into the convention was a general indifference due to past experiences with the convention and past visits feeling more isolated than i normally feel being over the normal demographic for anime con goers and with recent bad pr against the convention by A yaya han's website announcement after not getting her papers in order so she can come over to Ireland for the panel. Lets play devil's advocate here people if I was a celebrity who's their income is based on selling their gear at conventions and the convention didn't get myself in time and prevented me from getting my income I'd be a in a sour mood with them .  But besides that and a few people who have a vendetta with the convention posting to other groups about dumb people's posting insulting them. But this year was enjoyable alot less isolating than other years with a better mix of old/new fans so even beig over 18 at a convention didn't make you feel like a weirdo. The convention was well run with only a few complaints. I personally enjoyed most of the convention by just walking around enjoying the site and drinking later on the evening chatting with various members of groups from bronies to Ireland Cosplay to IGA Game group . I give this convention a 6/10 Glomps For High time hilarious moments of chatting debating and acting nuts

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Guitar Riffs and moe o my Review K-on

This very very popular series based off a 4-koma series by Kakifly which was published May 2007 has become sort of a landmark series for most anime fans . the series is a slice of life show that is based on a group of young high school girls who set up the light music or or pop music band and club. each episode of the show shows their day to day lives and how they progress as musicians . Each of the girls is a stereotypical designed to show the maximum amount of cuteness and moe factor appealing to both female generating a huge audience. There is Yui who plays the gibson les paul who is the typical cute klutz and also a ditz on intelligence Ritsu the loud mouth cute one who likes scaring people Mio that gets scared easily and very cute Tsumugi who is the rich cute one and Azuna who Mio clone except looks like shes 8 and there fore people assume she is very cute . But Despite for the moe the music and script i well done with decent animation done by ASCII Media Works who also worked on Angel Beats paying extra attention to finger movements on the instruments . As a bonus in the second season switches from pop to more of a rock theme in episode 10 focusing on the teacher and supervisor of the club who used to be a heavy metal singer . This series gets a 7/10 bass guitars

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Post Halloween Special Movie and Legend of the Carved Women

Since Halloween is just after passing So as a Treat I shall review Carved by Kōji Shiraishi who also a film called the Curse. the Story is based on the legend of slit mouthed women . a evil malicious spirit in the guise of a woman wearing a surgical mask which isn't that uncommon in a country that has a clear fear of germs due to its high populated cities . She will ask children is she beautiful . If the child says no, She will butcher the child with a pair of very large scissors . If the child says yes She will remove the mask to reveal a mouth slit open on both sides (think joker smile without any healing) If the victim is shocked, stalled or anything of that sort she will butcher the child. but the real horror of the story takes place out side the movie while this urban legend originated in the Edo period in Japan (The original story was she was covered with a kimino and she is the spirit of a woman who's jealous husband carved the woman mouth and resulting in her suicide) People actually claimed to see this ghostly attacker during the 80s even telling all schools that all children have to stay in groups for safety measures. The movie deals with a newly separated mother who's child lives with the father due to a outburst of post natal depression assault on the child which isn't shown in the movie . She is investigating the series of abductions of children with the reports from witnesses saying it was the slit mouthed woman . Does she find out who this person is before her child becomes the next victim. Honestly we don't care because between the lack of drama and plot development this wouldve been a better straight to tv movie . The real entertainment is listening about japanese ghost story which is always fun hear especially around the Halloween season

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Article - cliques within the subcultures

Whether your a anime fan or gamer within a larp group or some that participates in sports. You might notice that even joining a new hobby or been at it a few months cliques usually form from whatever organisation or team you join . For instance a anime subculture based in ireland would at glance consist of a closed knit community of people with similar interests joining up together at times for conventions . But at closer glance it is a composite collection of gaming fans who spend their days at the convention with the video game room and small pockets of fans joined together not talking to other groups because of either seeming awkward or differences in other interests such as I like cosplaying and they aren't cosplayers or A vast difference in ages . For myself going to a convention in Ireland at times can make myself look like a creep because of the age gap being 23 while most anime fans are between 12-18 here . Same goes with gaming groups such as a larp with the idea in mind that its possible to make new friends and what not . it can still be increasingly hard because most people who join larp groups go with friends that they went to college with or work with really and meeting up for social events outside you particular hobby or sport can be near impossible . People no matter of past experiences dealing with how hard it is to make friends will always over look this factor . Now don't hink this is article on lack of friendly nature in subculture and hobby groups when you join and during your time they will help you socialise with their groups be may this is club or larp session and you also need to attempt conversation . But social glue and attempts to become a larger group when history will always be the stronger factor . Im sure this will always happen even joining a sport as a team . A new member of a team will not stick with the team mate as much as a group of lads who have played together since the age of 6 or so . In conclusion no matter what people may say history with being someone will be a great factor in making friends than joining a club or society

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dead End Entry - Marai nikki Review

this manga and anime came from the mind of Sakae Esuno who writes for shonen ace magazine . The story revolves Yukiteru Amano a self described life observer who does not participate in any aspect of life with a fear of disappointment or rejection and immerses himself in taking diary entries about what is happening around himself and talking to what he believed as 2 fictional beings out of his imagination called Deus the god of time and space and Muru Muru Deus's assistant. Yuki recieves a text from Deus one day from school asking to meet him and there he is told he is forced to play a Survival Style game using A Future prediction phone for the title of the new god of space and time . The story gets interesting after the character Gasai yuno protects yuki from the 3rd diary holder tries to kill him . she is the ultimate form yandere due to a abusive upbringing to be the perfect girl . The story is well driven not going over playing the supernatural elements and relying more of the paranoia of the main character and Gasai yuno and the chase between the diary users . the anime was released just the beginning of the month and is well produced with a limited use of CG work only using them for Deus and the meeting room of the numbers . Well worth a watch 5/5 phones

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Robotic Arm augumentation -Ghost in a shell (movie)

Nowadays this film has been in the shadow of the series the film in its on right still takes a beautiful blend of animation and cg blended to the point where you cant even tell where the cg begins and the animation ends.Based on the manga of the same name by Mamoru Oshii who is also famous for Patlabour films The story involves a branch of law enforcement called Section 9 who is charge of crime prevention in dealing cybernetics augmentation. the main character called Major and Batou who have expertise in dealing with dangerous criminals with advanced cybernetics. they have to deal with a mysterious hacker by the name of puppet master whos been hacking anyone's mind and making them commit from anything such as terrorist attacks to suicide while babbling on about a green man and project 2051 . In my own personal opinion this film should be considered as a fundamental watches for any fan of not just anime but of sci fi films as well because of its philosophical dialogues and its very gritty cyber punk feel to the animation and theme

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Battle Girls time Paradox = time Waster

This show premiered during the spring time slot over in the japanese audience but something tells me this was better suited as a oav special found at the bottom of box of cereal. The show showed very little effort for being what its worth being based not on a manga/light novel or original concept but based upon a pachinko machine . Now when the marketing team came up with this idea who were the demographics couldn't be the otaku and neet audience as most eechi titles are geared towards since these machines are for gambling . Neets and otakus would rather buy models and creepy products based on characters. But the series begins as Hideyoshi (sounds fimilar) a ditzy school girl who accidentally gets transported to a parellel version of the past where instead of fighting kingdoms warring over getting control of their dynasty the world is filled with big boobed women fighting over magical armor pieces to rule the world. Now even keeping in the concept of that its eechi they remove any sense by getting rid of any male characters which doesnt make any sense at all
terrible anime god forsaken i give it big 0

Friday, August 12, 2011

Apps abnormalities and such Serial Experiement Lain

Serial experiment lain directed by Ryutaro Nakamura made in 1998 is what some people say cyberpunk in the decade . The series revolves around a world similar to our own but instead of using the internet uses a communication system called the wired which itself is a anagram for the weird Lain is a normal yet naive girl who becomes entrapped in series of strange events involves her school and family members .The series back then may have been cyberpunk and fantasy but in now a days its normal using terms such as apps and the wired to do so many things compared what the internet could do back then I believe the series explains the reason why a god could exist in this reality . As the series progresses it shows more symbolism involving what is your identity and social masking . The general plot of the series gets stranger mixing  facts and real live snippets creating a sense where you question yourself as an identity and self worth . As for animation they use a dull bleak style of artwork using elements of small computer graphics to enhance the cyberpunk feel of the show enforcing the story even more . the music is a solid mixture of techno and the opening was done by a british group called boa called duvet which feels similar to alot of the musician dido

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Insanity traps drink and anime goodness Nomcon 2011

The Nom-con was held last weekend at Ballsbridge Inn in Dublin which in its second year has already broken the record for attendees compared to other conventions . I hate to give a half ass review but reviewing conventions is a hard task since I missed the first day of events So Saturday I shall begin i started by attending Veronica Taylor panel which was held in the stage room. One word could describe it absolutely amazing she gave one of the best panels I've ever seen the room was so packed barely anyone could go in or out which didn't surprise me much next event was the major event of the prom and rave which was excellently held by the staff everyone was pleasant and no one was rude at times it was a bit isolating since I'm single and slightly older than alot of attendees but that is usual occurrence but I had 2 dances with one of the kings of the prom and a lovely Norwegian girl who was dressed as a character from naruto . Day 2 I participated in weakest loli which having very little knowledge in the fashion world was funny to attend. Then I attended anime murder mystery which was interesting trying to find out who killed a anime character using guests voices and the staff I thought the only problem was having so many huge groups the murderer was convicted before you give a guess maybe breaking the groups smaller would've helped that one . The sketch show was excellent with a mixture of cosplay and pure talent of guitar juggling and dancing absolutely amazing one girl sang a version of when September ends with anime references in it and ended it with screaming on motorcycles that blew the crowds away. The covention in whole was professionally organized with a couple of small problems from some security problems dealing with a person that shouldn't of attended the convention anyway(a skanger who started punching a wall after he got kicked out) and problems with the staff with the hotel but that is usual problems that any convention has to deal with Cosplayers were a mix of amazing talent and beginners not leaving anyone out . Convention funk was at a low levels thank god . For being a convention in its second year it was amazing run and I'd like to running a panel for it next also interviewing the staff and how this brilliant convention began.This con gets my highest rating ever 5 out of 5 tentacle demon from the Skima realm . On a further Note Id like to thank some of the grunts and committee members and attendee i talked to and made me feel i wasn't a creeper for attending a convention

Monday, June 27, 2011

Drugs alcohol and Hikimori - welcome to the nhk

This series and manga it was based upon was created by the disturbingly realistic and talented Tatsuhiko Takimoto . This story is based on the main character Sato who is a hikimori a person who is a young reclusive shut in and his friends which involve a otaku next neighbor college student named kauri and a mysterious young high school student named Masiki who tries to improve the main character get out of his self destructing lifestyle. The author himself uses themes dealing from attempts to cure himself to suicide drawing on his own shut in personality The series is a mixture between comedic moments and sick self realization that you don't want to be that main character but you share traits of him whether a lack of confidence or feelings of isolation this show deserves the highest awards possible for not creating such a good show but breaking the molds of contemporary views of society and otaku /Japanese lifestyle 5/5 golden magical girls

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Code Geass

Set in the far flung future the country Britianna has conquered the world making japan and its people second class citizens .The main character Le louch has gained the power of Geass by making a contract with a mysterious girl to make anybody do anything once and the story takes place as he tries to take down the monarchs of britianna This series gained major suceess through showings on Adult Swim . This series has some ups and downs . there character designs done by Clamp is alright bordering somewhere really good and typical anorexic traditional style  . The characters are well developed but have some draw backs such as lelouch himself is considered a asshole with intelligence using section 11 people(japanese) to for-fill his quest for his own needs looking through a story at a glance . Further develop goes on to say the idea of this character and his goal in the story is that he is asshole because to create a better world and peace between people you need a proper government and place all blame and hatred toward one character . From looking at the story this way I began to really enjoy the series . But as a real positive was the mecha designs of the series combining elements of realistic mech design mixed with some medieval theme gives a good escaflowne-esque to the show except some of the romantic elements .So I give this show a 3/5

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Ah the Japanese whether you love or hate them they do things to a excellent level. while the B Movie dies and comes back here the Japanese have created these low budget but over the top beauties . Created by Shock Japan. the story starts when Geishas get kidnapped by a steel manufacturer who train them become deadly assassins . The main character is yoshie a assistant to a geisha who treast her like shit because of not being worthy of becoming a geisha . They become kidnapped trained as assassin but soon yoshie becomes head assassin and remade into a robotic killing machine. But suddenly changes when issued a assignment to kill a couple she discovers its none other than the parents of a kidnapped geisha . She turns on the company and all sorts of wacky stuff happens . If you wondering why this reviewed is half assed its because its a b movie with no plot. But it does have brilliant special effects for such a low budget from a giant power rangers style robot buildings to geisha to robot wheels transformations. This movie gets a 4/5 reviews

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Long waiting Dance of the Vampire Bund

This anime was released in January 2010 and was based on the manga of the same title by the mangaka Tamaki Nozomu . The story revolves around Mina Teppes which in originally watching this series I thought she was saying Tapas a Spanish light meal. Mina is the queen of the vampire world which in till recently has kept in secret from society . Now Mina has decided to announce to the world that their kind exisits to the human world and they are moving their kind to a island purchased from the japanese government by paying off the country's national debt . The story starts off to a good start with minor annoyances coming to mind like Mina's appears as a 10 year who I can not respect or empathies in the story . Then comes the male protagonist Akira who is the cliqued lost memories approach who finds out hes a werewolf . This had some good points using elements like terrorism and being a outcast trying to gain acceptance but loses all points when it promises stuff it cant keep . This was released along the times of the moe season of doom

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Camarilla Ireland ( Immersive Roleplay Ireland ) A league of there own

Camarilla  is a larping (live action role playing ) group that focuses on world of darkness franchise of rpg books by white wolf publishing . the group began in 1992 in Seattle and was officially made public at vikingcon, Now larpers and gamers maybe seen in a bad light with the terrible stereotype of either obese teens or skinny weaklings. Now yes some of this may be true along with the every stereotype but Camarilla Ireland is amazing group of people and group. At first I was afraid in joining because it was a select group of people that wouldn't let me join or allow me to join but alienate me because of a lack of knowledge in gaming (I still dont know the difference in warhammer to battlefield evolution) But I was wrong these people are friendly warm hearted people who share a keen interest in gaming and acting who either want to develop their abilities to socialize in a gaming setting or as a story teller once said work out parts of your darker personality traits through characters. Well in my case it was both as I have great social skills with guys but am a total recluse trying to talk to members of the opposite sex and working out my own griefs of own personality does relieve some stress and makes you feel more confident about yourself.
So would I recommend it to people of course I would Camarilla is full of fun and interesting people
I would on a personal note thank out all the Dublin and Maynooth storytellers they do some phenomenal work and help me develop my own characters
Check them out at

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sex Chocolate and Bondage and no hentai ( Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt)

Panty and Stocking was released in October 1 2010 centres around 2 angels Panty Anarchy and Stocking anarchy who were cast from heaven to a city known as Daten City (pun of Fallen angel) which lies on the border hell and heaven. Their job to protect the city from monsters from called ghosts. Well that's the story not much really there is 3  support characters chuck their dog used as a driver and release for any pain they can give him (he looks like Gir from invader Zim) Garterbelt a paedophile ex mafia priest being their mentor and a goofy supernatural fanatic called Brief. With a show made from a watered down animation of Dead leaves and jokes that seem similar family guy and south park with references from American animation such as Kablam with the explosion scenes of the monsters and famous films such Steel Magnolias Sex and the city and many others this show is strangely appealing to the eyes and entertaining . It has be one of those shows where you turn off your brain and enjoy so watch it all either you will love it or hate it

Friday, February 4, 2011

Missing Info and news updates

Well My higurashi review has dissapeared will have that back agian along with new new interviews with the camarilla larp group and reviews of panty and stocking rainbow within the weeks to come remember i aint dead yet