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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

4 score and vampires - Movie Review Abraham lincoln Vampire Slayer

Based on the best selling alternative history novel of the same name and released in last weekend. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer exaclty gives out what it says on the tin. Set between 1818-1865 Sets the story of Abraham lincoln from young child and witnessing his mother being attacked by the vampires after a incident at the dock with lincoln's father and a slave lord to the events of the civil war.

 The story is rather basic especially if you have some knowledge of american history . But the real credit does go to the blending of action scenes and the dialouge . First the dialouge and speech is well set for the time and instead of using cliqued action lines  they use qutoes for the time that may not be repeated much but will get you more immersed in the film and time . As for the action blending semi realistic action sequences with the 3D technology was excellenty blended to make it a eye pleaser . But what about the story this is where the film sorta falls flat really there is non the story is a sudo autobiography on Abe . The real facts are done quite well even the way they transitionn the fiction with real life events such as abe being a lawyer and moving to springfield but other elements such as him becoming a slayer in the first place just fell flat for me . Overall this film was a excellent sign of 2 things 3D with some what of a plot can make anything look fantatic and Vampires can go into sunlight and not sparkle.