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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Phantasy Star Universe

Hey Guys Damo here
Today I will be talking about the infamous online Sega game Phantasy Star Universe(this includes the both the original and the expansion Ambition of the Illuminus).

P.S.U has 3 Different modes which consists of Story Extra and Online Mode

The Story mode follows a guy called Ethan Waber as he journeys into a world of adventure.
As the story begins Ethan is going around on a air board when he accidentally gets knocked over by a passing car.
The Passenger of the car gets out and helps him up, Later on a ceremony is being held for the Maiden of Gurhal who is the leader of Peace in the Gurhal system. When Ethan looks up he realises that's it the same girl that helped him earlier from the crash.
He is then invited to become a Guardian for Gurhal but refuses the offer because of his father being one and didn't want to follow in his footsteps because of him abandoning his family years ago.
After a while he changes his mind and meets up with his trainer called Karen Era who somehow looks similar *ahem* i wont tell you anything further for that part its a good shock.
As he goes further into a Guardians missions he faces a threath to the system from a Cast called Renvolt Magashi.

Extra Mode is available after completing chapter 6 of story mode.
this mode consists of all the missions from story mode and 3 extra ones.
Also in extra mode you get to create your own Characters (4 slots is free to create 4 different characters).
I also forgot to mention about the classes.
these includes Hunter (Meelee),Ranger(guns) and Force(magic)

Online Mode is Like Extra mode but is harder to lvl your character.
You can enroll for online by going to this link
Its €9.99 for the first subscription you do and €20 for 2 months in second subscription.
there's two types of subscriptions one is once off(2 months only) and the other is reoccurring(yearly).
This Mode includes lots of updates like new Missions, weapons, items and the online exclusive classes which are more pure classes compare to the same ones offline

Basic: Hunter, Ranger, Force

Hybrid:Wartecher, Guntecher, Fightgunner

Advanced:Fortecher, Fortgunner, Fortfigher, Acrofighter, AcroTecher, Protranser

Master: Mastergunner, Fightmaster, Masterforce
for more about these classes check this link:

Hope you enjoy