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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Post Halloween Special Movie and Legend of the Carved Women

Since Halloween is just after passing So as a Treat I shall review Carved by Kōji Shiraishi who also a film called the Curse. the Story is based on the legend of slit mouthed women . a evil malicious spirit in the guise of a woman wearing a surgical mask which isn't that uncommon in a country that has a clear fear of germs due to its high populated cities . She will ask children is she beautiful . If the child says no, She will butcher the child with a pair of very large scissors . If the child says yes She will remove the mask to reveal a mouth slit open on both sides (think joker smile without any healing) If the victim is shocked, stalled or anything of that sort she will butcher the child. but the real horror of the story takes place out side the movie while this urban legend originated in the Edo period in Japan (The original story was she was covered with a kimino and she is the spirit of a woman who's jealous husband carved the woman mouth and resulting in her suicide) People actually claimed to see this ghostly attacker during the 80s even telling all schools that all children have to stay in groups for safety measures. The movie deals with a newly separated mother who's child lives with the father due to a outburst of post natal depression assault on the child which isn't shown in the movie . She is investigating the series of abductions of children with the reports from witnesses saying it was the slit mouthed woman . Does she find out who this person is before her child becomes the next victim. Honestly we don't care because between the lack of drama and plot development this wouldve been a better straight to tv movie . The real entertainment is listening about japanese ghost story which is always fun hear especially around the Halloween season