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Monday, June 27, 2011

Drugs alcohol and Hikimori - welcome to the nhk

This series and manga it was based upon was created by the disturbingly realistic and talented Tatsuhiko Takimoto . This story is based on the main character Sato who is a hikimori a person who is a young reclusive shut in and his friends which involve a otaku next neighbor college student named kauri and a mysterious young high school student named Masiki who tries to improve the main character get out of his self destructing lifestyle. The author himself uses themes dealing from attempts to cure himself to suicide drawing on his own shut in personality The series is a mixture between comedic moments and sick self realization that you don't want to be that main character but you share traits of him whether a lack of confidence or feelings of isolation this show deserves the highest awards possible for not creating such a good show but breaking the molds of contemporary views of society and otaku /Japanese lifestyle 5/5 golden magical girls