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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

End of A Era Bye 4kids

Now u see them now u dont Remember ash or jaden or sonic and cheese well say bye after 4 kids announce a 14.75 million revenue loss at the end of the quarter and might sell a part or whole of the company . Many of you will celebrate with this thought But there is a bad side to this . 1 It was a major anime liciencer maybe not for our age group but 1 the same it . this will affect the anime industry . 2 could spell the end for the english franchise of yu gi oh tcg because even with the bad dub it creates new fans and with that more duelists . No new duelists means its souly dependent on the original fans who have a limited budget on cards and merchandise. So let us have a moment of silence for 4kids before we celebrate and let us pray for those lost shows and hope that they find a new home

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Question 1 What inspired you to create this fantasy philosophy epic such as Heaven ?

I just started thinking about what in life is anticipated to be something amazing, but ends up being kinda lousy. Then realized that the greatest promised reward, Heaven, might have a lousy payoff too.

Question 2 What made you decide to make Baris a addict

It seemed to fit the story. I know a lot of people who seem addicted to their great ideas but never implement them.

Question 3 Do you think that your novel playing for keeps will make it across the waters coz im dying to buy it

Question 4 How much research did you have to do before starting the heaven series ?

I pretty much researched as I went along. I'd think I'd want to do norse stuff so I'd hit the library and wikipedia.

Question 5 will we see more interaction and history for the harvest god and gamma the warrior goddess because I find those gods a mystery at the moment?

Probably. :)

Question 6 I see small hints of lessons of a geekfu master in your work of playing for keeps and heaven it this intentional or a accident?

I'm not sure what you mean. If it's writing style, then sure, it's unintentional, it's just the way I write. But Lessons was a collection of nonfiction essays while the other two are fiction, so I'm not sure I see the parallel.

Question 7 What advice do you give to geeks in the world on how to survive existence?

Be confident in your likes and try not to scoff too much at the norms. As we all know, when someone looks down on us, we tend to get prickly. It happens the other way too.

Well thank you so much for the interview so much Goddess Mur Lafferty you are one of my idols ever since i started listening to the heaven series which ive listen to at least 5 times. May you continue to inspire and leave us listeners and fans with tales of Gods at War and Underdog super people for many more years to come

Thanks so much for the interview, and I'm so glad you like my work!