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Saturday, January 9, 2010

podcast news and better structure details

Hey guys Just to let you guys know We'll be doing a little restructuring on the website and podcast to get going in a little easier way of things
first off we'll be adding another host
Second we'll be structuring the psu segment better but adding a yu gi oh card and anime segment as aswell  

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

News o god pow is being controlled by nazis

News flash Disney has gained rights to Stan lee's company pow entertainment . Pow entertainment is at the moment doing a collaboration work with Bones animation studio on the heroman anime series. could be the potentional for success or the complete failure of the series before its released . off course anything that nazi organisation group disney touches turns to gold but distroys any original story to squeeze every cent out of it . Remember lilo and stitch - great idea then the sequels . Remember Naruto now he goes cutie no jutsu . why do they have to Americanize evrything like 4kids do 

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dr Slump News and more pimping for the new year

sorry guys for delay guys holidays and all
 but dr slump will have a English dub release for the us so dragon ball fans will love this news   and further new i need my fans to go to otaku momentum website and listen to them because i will be on their podcast soon nothing planned yet but fingers cross that we get things up and running for the guest talk 
I would to do a new segment called podcast of the week where i suggest  a podcast for you guys to listen to. first Up Otaku momentum and Super happy anime fun time some of the best podcasts on anime out there