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Monday, July 16, 2012

Arcadecon 2012 Predators Dr who and anime o my

Declan Doody one of the best con directors in Ireland

Well Before I give a general impression I will set the Scene. Set in the famous and at times infamous D4 hotel Ballsbridge Inn. thoughts before the convention were skeptic. But these thoughts were silenced as we entered the convention. The level of epicness was astounding the first part that made a major impact on me was the cue for tickets Well there was no cue everything thing was efficient quick and short.

    The events on Saturday was very well done with a very special thanks to the staff that helped me with my panel. The Battle Royale was excellently run the only pity is there should a rule that you can not be killed when having a smoke after your panel. But I will make a exception since the person who killed me was a fantastically dressed and attractive woman in a Nel cosplay so I allowed it.Predators Ireland were fantastic and patient individuals with the best and professionally made costumes that made you feel like you were about to be hunted down any moment. The special event Nightmare Ball was fantastic Jet Set Radio set the crowd alive with another blow from the Steam Punk Professor Elemental. The crowd was electric the whole night . The attendance at the convention and the staff  were so friendly during the whole weekend. 

The Sunday I spent it easing out of my heat created hangover from the hotel room  But had a interesting discussion with the Talented Bitsmith Game designers . The showcase of their game Ku is a special treat to see in play with a excellent blend of Classic RPG with steampunk motifs.
The Finale charity auction was amazing effort by everybody involved. 
So my final thoughts are this convention surely is a pinnacle of what it means to blend everything in geek culture with excellent cosplay events rpgs and allowing people like me to run panels to shock and awe the audience. So special thanks to Declan and everybody at the convention for making another convention a relaxed and fun convention. Side note the Head of Security is on my hit list now for ratting me out for the battle royale contest so next year nerf battle with him. 5/5 tentacles