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Friday, December 16, 2011

One the First of Xmas Kon gave to me a bunch of hobos and Baby Review Tokyo godfathers

Note that through the years christmas hasnt been a anime haven over the years since the Japanese are mostly Buddhist . Not many animations have had made me cry at times but this coming from Satchi Kon's mind and scripted by Keiko Nobumoto famous for Wolf's Rain and Cowboy Bebop that tokyo godfathers has been one of the only films that has touched me so much. Set in modern Tokyo in the derelict homeless settlements sets 3 homeless people Gin an alcoholic Hana a okama (transvestite) and former drag queen and Miyuki a runaway teenager find a baby alive amongst the rubbish and garbage . they make it their duty to find the family of the baby and return their child . But in return they come encounter a series events that points them to the child's parents but also makes them confront the issues they have kept from the past . The animation is exactly drawn with high detail with paying extra effort to the background effects for the people who appreciate it . The film is in the 10 of my favorite anime films list and always will be 10/10