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Thursday, April 23, 2009

A podcast that may not suck

Me Sean Alpha and 2 other idiots will have a podcast released on this site so why not give us shot and if u guys have some advice for us we'll be open to advice and critisim so keep ur eyes peeled for the 3 ojamas podcast

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Review Attack Swim Team vs. Undead

This movie started on a high note as the opening credits showed a strange sign saying there was 3 days to the swim meet. I will not continue this review because it was so silly it would make me sound stupid saying the story but this film does have scantly clad women in swim suits undead zombie teachers talking about apples water assassins posing as students and a girl who can shoot a lazer beam from her pussy

So timmy where did the priest touch you today

the biggest mistake has made euro 19,756 in 2nd weekend has anyone thought this film was going to be different ...i think not . I personally went to go see the train wreck of a film it was funny which is bad cause it was a action film my god i want my soul back from that film.
Other news
Oasis has given permission for their song fallen down for the new upcoming anime series Back from Eden
And finally the mighty Mur Lafferty is to release the end of the Heaven on June First with this book called War. Mur Lafferty is the brillant author of Lessons of a GeekFu Master and Play for Keeps Personally I'm dying for this book to come out for awhile now