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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Attack of the Super Monsters - Dubbing that makes you laugh your head off

The story is in the future humans discover dinosaurs didn't die off . They lived near the centre of the earth . When their leader the evil  Tyrannus decides that dinosaurs should rule he sends out mutated dinosaur  descendents to attack the earth (A random city in Japan) A team called the Gemini Force is created to stop the evil dinos from destroying the city . O Dear god what gave someone the idea for this film being the first attempt to combine puppet work, rubber suit monsters and poorly animated scenes. This film has to be one of the strangest things to come out of Japan. But what makes this little film grace is the dub. Just like most anime work in the 80s to early 90s dubbing was very experimental like most of its animation . It wasnt just a perfect formulae like it is today. People didnt get correct scripts or scripts at all and sound editting took months to get some near listening quality. But regardless I think they just didnt care once you hear a rubber T-Rex talk in a weird accent what do you expect from the rest of the film. Pure Comedy Gold Something you can watch any time when you need a laugh . It's hard to actually review and talk about the plot because there is isn't one . But it does feature some of the early work of Cam Clarke best known for Akira Stream line Dub .