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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Camarilla Ireland ( Immersive Roleplay Ireland ) A league of there own

Camarilla  is a larping (live action role playing ) group that focuses on world of darkness franchise of rpg books by white wolf publishing . the group began in 1992 in Seattle and was officially made public at vikingcon, Now larpers and gamers maybe seen in a bad light with the terrible stereotype of either obese teens or skinny weaklings. Now yes some of this may be true along with the every stereotype but Camarilla Ireland is amazing group of people and group. At first I was afraid in joining because it was a select group of people that wouldn't let me join or allow me to join but alienate me because of a lack of knowledge in gaming (I still dont know the difference in warhammer to battlefield evolution) But I was wrong these people are friendly warm hearted people who share a keen interest in gaming and acting who either want to develop their abilities to socialize in a gaming setting or as a story teller once said work out parts of your darker personality traits through characters. Well in my case it was both as I have great social skills with guys but am a total recluse trying to talk to members of the opposite sex and working out my own griefs of own personality does relieve some stress and makes you feel more confident about yourself.
So would I recommend it to people of course I would Camarilla is full of fun and interesting people
I would on a personal note thank out all the Dublin and Maynooth storytellers they do some phenomenal work and help me develop my own characters
Check them out at