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Monday, August 27, 2012

Cannibalistic habits and Nom-Con 2012

Well during the build up to Nom-Con 2012 . I was equally skeptical with this convention but not like with Arcade-Con . Nom-Con is the one convention that hasn't really dealt with rumors and gossip problems that Arcade-Con had but more of conflict of events in the weekend . In the same weekend of this convention there was The Dublin Tall Ship Festival , The Darklight Film Festival and Dublin Heritage Month .The second thing was security . During the Week before Nom-Con the American and Israeli embassies had bomb scares this only a 15 minutes away from the venue .

The convention was a complete success with some minor problems. First the good points at the convention . Team Giblets were absolutely brilliant with their hilarious and gross out Hentai panel . Saturday was the big events with the special events with Matt Greenfield Tiffany Grant and Andrew Partridge . But  sometimes life can throw you a curve ball that I wasn't expecting . Tiffany Grant was excellent providing a upbeat and positive panels with relaxed professionalism. But Matt and Andrew were a different story . Their  panels were depressing . I know the economy and anime industry isn't good at the moment .  But bluntly telling a audience not to get work in the industry you are working in is just depressing as the person trying to get employment in it . It can made me want to shoot myself . Negative advice from a industry leaders is terrible. Its like telling people in college to give their courses and majors because your debt and economy there will be no jobs for them. Maybe it was their moods at the time, But rephrasing things to sound like they have some hope to a panel saying there won't be conventions in the future because there is no industry and using the excuse that the crap anime is being licienced because titles  x y z similar to it are doing alright  isn't a sound marketing decision . But the Rave was excellent run and everyone got along with minimum problems . Sunday was a relaxing and hangover day but the highlight was Fionn Mcclean excellent run Anime Hell panel showing some of my favorite over the top clips and some I haven't heard of . Overall the convention was well organised my only complaints were the location was a little too small it would better to have medium size rooms or bigger rooms that could fit everyone and the Heat could have killed everyone there dear god it was brutal not getting air till 2 hours before the end . Minor complaint was stock in the dealers room was a little expensive and similar stuff to last year no new stock from what I saw . Overall I give the convention a 3/5