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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Heaven Series Heaven Hell Earth War by Mur Lafferty

Kate and Daniel are best friends since grade school . Both now in 20s die in a car crash . Now they begin a journey through the after life exploring themselves and different religions and finding out their role in the bigger picture . Honestly the only bad about this novella is that its too good too review anything else I say will ruin the audio book novella please listen to the series you wont be sorry

Special Thanks for the Adventuring Party Podcast

Special Thanks is in order for the Adventuring party podcast for mentioning us at their last podcast and for letting us introduce them to the shadow games .

Ancestor by Scott Sigler .... That aint no Fucking Cow Review

The Story revolves PJ Colding who leads a team of scientist who are on the clock to create the perfect clone of the ancestor species of all mammals so that they harness the organs for xeno-transplantation into human bodies . the tagline of the book is very five minutes, a transplant candidate dies while waiting for a compatible heart, a liver, a kidney. Imagine a technology that could provide those life-saving transplant organs for a nominal fee ... and imagine what a company would do to monopolize that technology. The government are close on their tails for risks viruses that potentially destroy millions . but what they create is worse than even the government could imagine. This work is pure entertainment that will turn any person into a sigler junkie . This gets a 5/5 cows for every person who loves horror or just good story telling

Higurashi When they cry ...its not crying in my pants Review

This story revolves around Keiichi Maebara who in 1983 moved to a fictional village  Hinamizawa there he befriends 4 innocent girls of varying ages  Rena Ryugu, Mion Sonozaki, Rika Furude, and Satoko Houjou . There he plays typical games in after school club . After a month goes by strange events seem occur based around the innocent looking cotton picking festival . Usually involving 1 or more of his friends going absolutely Bat shit crazy and homosidal. This series started as a innocent moe show and turned itself upside down with beautiful scenery and creepy and eye drawing character design . This 2006 show and 2009 oav is surely recommended for anyone who wants to watch a surely brillant series  6/6 moe girls with meat cleavers

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Halloween people News and Article horror time

Gaelcon was a great turn out over 450 people showed . Unfortunately not alot turned out for the tournament but next time it will be better . 

Article on horror films that got Banned for different reasons
The Exorcist banned in 1972 in the Uk for gore for strong satanic stuff
Nightmare on Elm Street Banned in Finland and heavily cut in Germany
Evil Dead was banned in Finland for extreme violence and gore 
Texas Chainsaw Massacre was banned in 1984 in Finland and was banned in the Uk for violence
Friday the 13th was banned in Iceland for extreme violence 
As we can see alot of horror was banned over the years lets hope we see more greats like these

Sunday, October 17, 2010

News Updates

Sean alpha will be interviewing The people of Gaelcon this weekend to find out the true nuts and bolts of Ireland's Biggest and Best Gaming convention. Also Sean Alpha is going to be Running as a member of Duellist Revolution are organising a Yugioh tournament This sunday at gaelcon 22-25 Octobe rso you should be there

Monday, September 20, 2010

High School of the Dead- Brains boobs bullets

The story follows a group of high school students caught in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. The series has been serialized in Fujimi Shobo's Monthly Dragon Age since September 2006 and has been published internationally in a number of languages. Highschool of the Dead was adapted into an anime television series by Madhouse and began airing in Japan on July 5, 2010. and that was just the wiki shit as usual It centres around
Takashi Komuro a sophmore high school student who after getting in a messy situation involving his girlfriend and his best friend finds out that the school is over run with zombies .This story involves very little plot so far except your run of the mill zombie survival show but it goes deeper into the characters minds and will switch in the second season with the changing of the perspective of the main protaginist these show was a brillant reminder of what zombies should be

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A great director and man died This week Age 47

Yesterday Satoshi Kon died with a terrible fight with cancer . The director is most well known for films such as Perfect blue Paprika and his psychological thriller tv anime series paranoia agent. My heart goes out to his family

Friday, August 20, 2010

Apoligies for the hiatus here is My Review of Angel Beats

Review Angels Guns and High School drama
This story is about a guy who has lost his memory who wakes up at a high school used as purgatory where either your soul becomes a normal student and you just seem to disappear into nothingness.(this isnt really explained what happens to them)But he find the SSS( Shinda Sekai Sensen) The Afterlife Battlefront who unlike most of the school dont fit in and have made up a goal of defeating god and the system that controls the universe for the misdeeds of what happened to them in a previous life Their enemy is on the outside a normal typical school girl who happens to be a angel android built to keep the rules of the system in play . The style was a mixture of Moe with sheer Shonen art But the real credit of  the show belongs to Music Staff Lio who provides the music really gives a show a boost of energy that makes the show addictive really 5/5 stars for Angels beats I also like add a special mention for Escape Pod for creative stories that keep the nerd in me happy

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Man who spent too much time with Ken Akamatsu

Hi blog followers this may be a bit different than the norm but I needed to bring this article to the light of my fan base. In April 27th 2006 a man was arrested for trying to force a women to join his harem reported by the Japan Times.Wait doesn't this sound like a guy who's just finished Love Hina manga. A gout ridden Hirohito Shibuya from western Tokyo allegedly pressured a 20 year old women to stay in his for the past two hours by saying if she left she be ground up and if she told anyone she would be killed. Lets take a step back here Hiro I have some advice I'm pretty sure the only old guy that can say that and not get in trouble is Larry Flint and two what you said wasn't the best chat up line to persuade her to join the harem. Listen as the only 21 year old crazy American Otaku living in Ireland I know being different can be lonely but come on what happened to buying her a rose or the Howard Marshall approach to getting a young girl (giving her a boat load of money). Then after the arrest he commented to the press saying"I may said some things that were carried away doing my fortunes". The police searched his premises to see if pressured more women into this ordeal . Hiro I think you learned a morale of the day Harassing women will get you one thing in the end.-A rear end view of being screwed-

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Last season review of Baka to Test Shōkanjū

Probaly 1 of the best shows this winter season to come this show revolves around a school where your intellegence will reflect your learning environment. aAfter the entrance exams you will put in to a classroom according to your grade such as the main character who helped save a girl from fainting and in return failed his own exam and is now in a dilect crappy classroom full of thugs and near do wells . the main group of characters include his best friend a former child prodigy with a plan to change the school A russian girl who is a genuis at maths but cant understand kanji a peeping tom voyeur a trap and the girl he saved who is a genuis at everything but always falls ill This is a brillant show with alot of good humour and twist and turns 5/5 must watch

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Review New Battle Vixens Ikkitousen Season4 - Xtreme Xecutor

Ok why is this show making money still I enjoyed this show after 1 season and maybe a little of the second season But not any more the animation seems to change from season to season This time round its a combination effort with TNK and Arms which can annoying for the seasoned viewer but hey in the upcoming il give my view on it whats yours tho

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Well it was bound to happen Review Cowboy bebop

Well this review will disappoint many of my fans but I am telling the truth.

In 2022, the explosion of an experimental warp gateway caused major damage to the Moon, basked  the Earth with a massive amount of radiation, and left an asteroid ring that threatens the surface with daily meteorite bombardments. As a result, many survivors abandoned the barely-habitable Earth to colonize the inner planets, the asteroid belt and the moons of Jupiter.. Thats the back story but it revolves a team of rag tag bounty hunters doing various jobs for people the main chracter is Spike a former member of the red dragon syndicate. he is skilled in fire arms martial arts and a skilled pilot. But to get to the review because the characters description could go forever . this series is famous as the beginning of the anime boom over in america and was responsible for many second generation of anime fans in there 20s but unlike the main anime community I didn't find it that enjoyable . The artwork now is a bit dated and I found the characters unlikable and a more americanised version of  Outlaw star. But what I enjoyed was the unique character designs and beautiful artwork by yoko kanno and The Seatbelts with a cool collection a easy and upbeat jazz real gave this show a easy transition for new anime fans to get into now. So i give this show a 2.5 out of 5 a nice watch but wouldnt need to watch it as possible

Friday, February 26, 2010

black lagoon Review

When Rock a normal Japanese business man gets kidnapped by modern day pirates which includes  Revi a american psychopathic women who is hot tempered bad mannered chain smoking and alcoholic hot piece of ass who can kill u as quick as u blink A black man known as Dutch and a hacker named Benny . He learns 3 things 1 his work is not what it seems 2 a boat can take a helicopter in a dogfight and 3 he loves the pirate life he soon joins the crews and gets involved in their dealings but my review is only a small taste i give this anime 10/10 torpedoes a well worth classic

Good new posts finally up Review - Panties boobs and fighting Kampfer

O.K here is the story a guy named  Natsuru Senō that he has been chosen to be kampfer by a disemboweled stuffed animal 1 night whose destiny to fight other kampfers for some reason or another . Only draw back to this situation only girls can be kampfers so when a Kampfer is near by he becomes a girl . Story doesn't grab u yet how bout he/she can shoot fireballs in fights. No how about the fact the opponents are beautiful girls with big boobs and weird personalities.o.k how about that the fact that the girl who he likes has a crush on his girl form . Listen  I never said it was a plot driven anime and it isn't but a show with a good mixture of violence disembowled stuffed animals and boobs with a decent style of animation is a good enough watch by any straight man's books. So i give this series      a 5/10 on the mindless plot but entertaining

Saturday, January 9, 2010

podcast news and better structure details

Hey guys Just to let you guys know We'll be doing a little restructuring on the website and podcast to get going in a little easier way of things
first off we'll be adding another host
Second we'll be structuring the psu segment better but adding a yu gi oh card and anime segment as aswell  

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

News o god pow is being controlled by nazis

News flash Disney has gained rights to Stan lee's company pow entertainment . Pow entertainment is at the moment doing a collaboration work with Bones animation studio on the heroman anime series. could be the potentional for success or the complete failure of the series before its released . off course anything that nazi organisation group disney touches turns to gold but distroys any original story to squeeze every cent out of it . Remember lilo and stitch - great idea then the sequels . Remember Naruto now he goes cutie no jutsu . why do they have to Americanize evrything like 4kids do 

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dr Slump News and more pimping for the new year

sorry guys for delay guys holidays and all
 but dr slump will have a English dub release for the us so dragon ball fans will love this news   and further new i need my fans to go to otaku momentum website and listen to them because i will be on their podcast soon nothing planned yet but fingers cross that we get things up and running for the guest talk 
I would to do a new segment called podcast of the week where i suggest  a podcast for you guys to listen to. first Up Otaku momentum and Super happy anime fun time some of the best podcasts on anime out there