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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Insanity traps drink and anime goodness Nomcon 2011

The Nom-con was held last weekend at Ballsbridge Inn in Dublin which in its second year has already broken the record for attendees compared to other conventions . I hate to give a half ass review but reviewing conventions is a hard task since I missed the first day of events So Saturday I shall begin i started by attending Veronica Taylor panel which was held in the stage room. One word could describe it absolutely amazing she gave one of the best panels I've ever seen the room was so packed barely anyone could go in or out which didn't surprise me much next event was the major event of the prom and rave which was excellently held by the staff everyone was pleasant and no one was rude at times it was a bit isolating since I'm single and slightly older than alot of attendees but that is usual occurrence but I had 2 dances with one of the kings of the prom and a lovely Norwegian girl who was dressed as a character from naruto . Day 2 I participated in weakest loli which having very little knowledge in the fashion world was funny to attend. Then I attended anime murder mystery which was interesting trying to find out who killed a anime character using guests voices and the staff I thought the only problem was having so many huge groups the murderer was convicted before you give a guess maybe breaking the groups smaller would've helped that one . The sketch show was excellent with a mixture of cosplay and pure talent of guitar juggling and dancing absolutely amazing one girl sang a version of when September ends with anime references in it and ended it with screaming on motorcycles that blew the crowds away. The covention in whole was professionally organized with a couple of small problems from some security problems dealing with a person that shouldn't of attended the convention anyway(a skanger who started punching a wall after he got kicked out) and problems with the staff with the hotel but that is usual problems that any convention has to deal with Cosplayers were a mix of amazing talent and beginners not leaving anyone out . Convention funk was at a low levels thank god . For being a convention in its second year it was amazing run and I'd like to running a panel for it next also interviewing the staff and how this brilliant convention began.This con gets my highest rating ever 5 out of 5 tentacle demon from the Skima realm . On a further Note Id like to thank some of the grunts and committee members and attendee i talked to and made me feel i wasn't a creeper for attending a convention