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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dead End Entry - Marai nikki Review

this manga and anime came from the mind of Sakae Esuno who writes for shonen ace magazine . The story revolves Yukiteru Amano a self described life observer who does not participate in any aspect of life with a fear of disappointment or rejection and immerses himself in taking diary entries about what is happening around himself and talking to what he believed as 2 fictional beings out of his imagination called Deus the god of time and space and Muru Muru Deus's assistant. Yuki recieves a text from Deus one day from school asking to meet him and there he is told he is forced to play a Survival Style game using A Future prediction phone for the title of the new god of space and time . The story gets interesting after the character Gasai yuno protects yuki from the 3rd diary holder tries to kill him . she is the ultimate form yandere due to a abusive upbringing to be the perfect girl . The story is well driven not going over playing the supernatural elements and relying more of the paranoia of the main character and Gasai yuno and the chase between the diary users . the anime was released just the beginning of the month and is well produced with a limited use of CG work only using them for Deus and the meeting room of the numbers . Well worth a watch 5/5 phones