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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

You Under Arrest Now Im going shoot you in the face MadBull 34

This OAV based the manga by the insane genius Kazou Koike who is most famous for his works such Lone Wold and Cub and Samurai Excutioner of the same name  who is essentially the anime godfather of adult anime  was released in 1990 by the studio Magic Bus that has produced very little and the dubbing was done by Manga Entertainment . the story revolves around the protagonist Diazaburo Eddie Ban a half Japanese half american police fresh on the beat of the mean streets of New York City in the 1980s. He only wants to enforce the badge and the city he's sworn to protect . the only problem is his partner john Sleepy Estes is far from law abiding or sane. Some classify him as a crooked cop as he deals with hookers with his manhood and the rest of the scum of the city he deals by blastin ghtem to high heaven . This rare forgotten series is a true treasure for its gritty detailed and semi realistic approach of what New york in the 1980s was like to visitors to the city . As well as a bonus if you track down the english dub of this by Manga Entertainment you'll hear what in the industry they call 15ing where they purposely put in curse words to raise the rating on this which can lead to hilarious catch phrases like Fuck you junior . This show while maybe aged and over the top with violence, sex and cursing. It is a pure gem to see what anime started from 10/10 hookers and blow

Monday, November 14, 2011

Blackmail beer and Cosplay - Eirtakon Overcap

Well For my personal opinion going into the convention was a general indifference due to past experiences with the convention and past visits feeling more isolated than i normally feel being over the normal demographic for anime con goers and with recent bad pr against the convention by A yaya han's website announcement after not getting her papers in order so she can come over to Ireland for the panel. Lets play devil's advocate here people if I was a celebrity who's their income is based on selling their gear at conventions and the convention didn't get myself in time and prevented me from getting my income I'd be a in a sour mood with them .  But besides that and a few people who have a vendetta with the convention posting to other groups about dumb people's posting insulting them. But this year was enjoyable alot less isolating than other years with a better mix of old/new fans so even beig over 18 at a convention didn't make you feel like a weirdo. The convention was well run with only a few complaints. I personally enjoyed most of the convention by just walking around enjoying the site and drinking later on the evening chatting with various members of groups from bronies to Ireland Cosplay to IGA Game group . I give this convention a 6/10 Glomps For High time hilarious moments of chatting debating and acting nuts

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Guitar Riffs and moe o my Review K-on

This very very popular series based off a 4-koma series by Kakifly which was published May 2007 has become sort of a landmark series for most anime fans . the series is a slice of life show that is based on a group of young high school girls who set up the light music or or pop music band and club. each episode of the show shows their day to day lives and how they progress as musicians . Each of the girls is a stereotypical designed to show the maximum amount of cuteness and moe factor appealing to both female generating a huge audience. There is Yui who plays the gibson les paul who is the typical cute klutz and also a ditz on intelligence Ritsu the loud mouth cute one who likes scaring people Mio that gets scared easily and very cute Tsumugi who is the rich cute one and Azuna who Mio clone except looks like shes 8 and there fore people assume she is very cute . But Despite for the moe the music and script i well done with decent animation done by ASCII Media Works who also worked on Angel Beats paying extra attention to finger movements on the instruments . As a bonus in the second season switches from pop to more of a rock theme in episode 10 focusing on the teacher and supervisor of the club who used to be a heavy metal singer . This series gets a 7/10 bass guitars

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Post Halloween Special Movie and Legend of the Carved Women

Since Halloween is just after passing So as a Treat I shall review Carved by Kōji Shiraishi who also a film called the Curse. the Story is based on the legend of slit mouthed women . a evil malicious spirit in the guise of a woman wearing a surgical mask which isn't that uncommon in a country that has a clear fear of germs due to its high populated cities . She will ask children is she beautiful . If the child says no, She will butcher the child with a pair of very large scissors . If the child says yes She will remove the mask to reveal a mouth slit open on both sides (think joker smile without any healing) If the victim is shocked, stalled or anything of that sort she will butcher the child. but the real horror of the story takes place out side the movie while this urban legend originated in the Edo period in Japan (The original story was she was covered with a kimino and she is the spirit of a woman who's jealous husband carved the woman mouth and resulting in her suicide) People actually claimed to see this ghostly attacker during the 80s even telling all schools that all children have to stay in groups for safety measures. The movie deals with a newly separated mother who's child lives with the father due to a outburst of post natal depression assault on the child which isn't shown in the movie . She is investigating the series of abductions of children with the reports from witnesses saying it was the slit mouthed woman . Does she find out who this person is before her child becomes the next victim. Honestly we don't care because between the lack of drama and plot development this wouldve been a better straight to tv movie . The real entertainment is listening about japanese ghost story which is always fun hear especially around the Halloween season