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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

You Under Arrest Now Im going shoot you in the face MadBull 34

This OAV based the manga by the insane genius Kazou Koike who is most famous for his works such Lone Wold and Cub and Samurai Excutioner of the same name  who is essentially the anime godfather of adult anime  was released in 1990 by the studio Magic Bus that has produced very little and the dubbing was done by Manga Entertainment . the story revolves around the protagonist Diazaburo Eddie Ban a half Japanese half american police fresh on the beat of the mean streets of New York City in the 1980s. He only wants to enforce the badge and the city he's sworn to protect . the only problem is his partner john Sleepy Estes is far from law abiding or sane. Some classify him as a crooked cop as he deals with hookers with his manhood and the rest of the scum of the city he deals by blastin ghtem to high heaven . This rare forgotten series is a true treasure for its gritty detailed and semi realistic approach of what New york in the 1980s was like to visitors to the city . As well as a bonus if you track down the english dub of this by Manga Entertainment you'll hear what in the industry they call 15ing where they purposely put in curse words to raise the rating on this which can lead to hilarious catch phrases like Fuck you junior . This show while maybe aged and over the top with violence, sex and cursing. It is a pure gem to see what anime started from 10/10 hookers and blow