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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Ah the Japanese whether you love or hate them they do things to a excellent level. while the B Movie dies and comes back here the Japanese have created these low budget but over the top beauties . Created by Shock Japan. the story starts when Geishas get kidnapped by a steel manufacturer who train them become deadly assassins . The main character is yoshie a assistant to a geisha who treast her like shit because of not being worthy of becoming a geisha . They become kidnapped trained as assassin but soon yoshie becomes head assassin and remade into a robotic killing machine. But suddenly changes when issued a assignment to kill a couple she discovers its none other than the parents of a kidnapped geisha . She turns on the company and all sorts of wacky stuff happens . If you wondering why this reviewed is half assed its because its a b movie with no plot. But it does have brilliant special effects for such a low budget from a giant power rangers style robot buildings to geisha to robot wheels transformations. This movie gets a 4/5 reviews