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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Man who spent too much time with Ken Akamatsu

Hi blog followers this may be a bit different than the norm but I needed to bring this article to the light of my fan base. In April 27th 2006 a man was arrested for trying to force a women to join his harem reported by the Japan Times.Wait doesn't this sound like a guy who's just finished Love Hina manga. A gout ridden Hirohito Shibuya from western Tokyo allegedly pressured a 20 year old women to stay in his for the past two hours by saying if she left she be ground up and if she told anyone she would be killed. Lets take a step back here Hiro I have some advice I'm pretty sure the only old guy that can say that and not get in trouble is Larry Flint and two what you said wasn't the best chat up line to persuade her to join the harem. Listen as the only 21 year old crazy American Otaku living in Ireland I know being different can be lonely but come on what happened to buying her a rose or the Howard Marshall approach to getting a young girl (giving her a boat load of money). Then after the arrest he commented to the press saying"I may said some things that were carried away doing my fortunes". The police searched his premises to see if pressured more women into this ordeal . Hiro I think you learned a morale of the day Harassing women will get you one thing in the end.-A rear end view of being screwed-

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Last season review of Baka to Test Shōkanjū

Probaly 1 of the best shows this winter season to come this show revolves around a school where your intellegence will reflect your learning environment. aAfter the entrance exams you will put in to a classroom according to your grade such as the main character who helped save a girl from fainting and in return failed his own exam and is now in a dilect crappy classroom full of thugs and near do wells . the main group of characters include his best friend a former child prodigy with a plan to change the school A russian girl who is a genuis at maths but cant understand kanji a peeping tom voyeur a trap and the girl he saved who is a genuis at everything but always falls ill This is a brillant show with alot of good humour and twist and turns 5/5 must watch