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Friday, April 20, 2012

The Gamers B-movie of the Century

When the term B movie gets thrown around you can either picture A evil dead style from the 80s or the terrible bfilms of today from the shows they have on sci fi to the plagerism market like Transmorphers or Up and Away . But back in 2002 a film with a very niche market hit the world by storm . The Gamers by Dead man productions is just a pure Gem . The story is based on two main stories originally it begins with a group of friends gathering in college dorm room getting ready to play a generic rpg Dungeon and dragons game . Then the story splits into the characters they play themselves . The characters they play banding together to defeat the evil shadow. The comedic style used throughout the story combines the cliched sterotypes of gamers such as arguing over rules and people not showing up and the real humour is the real fluency of the script and conversation is so realistic the viewer can imagine themselves having the same dialouge with friends. The second remarkable thing is the marketing thing . While most B-movies use cheap selling tactics selling to crappy movie channels or plagerism marketing tactics the production company for these guys used the internet and the convention scene to create a international appeal with gamers and anime fans .
This film gets 5 d20 dice out of 5 here As one of the films that we will always wtach and enjoy with your friends