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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oulaw paranoia

Alrite peps this is the second episode and attempt at podcasting the first sucked balls this hereis my second chance

Hi everyone, I posted a new episode to my podcast, Sean Burkes Podcast.

Please click the link below to view it.

See you there!

- Sean

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ok i had to post this up

Dont you hate it when they ruin your music with a cover artist that sucks or when they ruin something of your childhood
well they did both muppets do queen
will someone shoot disney already

where are they now Sean Whalen

Hey ever wondered where Sean whalen went . Do u even rememeber who he is I do hes roach the mute kid from wes cravens the people underneath the stairs i found out hes done numerous films hes dirk in employee of the month a employee in a episode of hannah montanta but he has sure gotten fat tho

Big News guys - 1 small step for anime 1 giant leap for me kicking moe in the balls

Big news announcement Your Future Owner of Central park media and dark ruler is to be on the otaku momentum real soon U know this is a big step for me in the anime community . Neokage I just like to say thank you for the honour and privelege of being a guest on 1 of the best anime podcasts on the A.D.D Network. and speaking of the A.D.D network
1 of the podcasts Ive been listening to is hyjacted . and 1 of the hosts had a baby in October . so to help the anime love I want u to go over to the A.D.D network and join their raffle to help pay off those damn medical bills

Monday, December 14, 2009

End of the year competition

in the beginning there was the internet and then the blog then podcasting so since its the festive season im going to thank all those podcast and blogs and people that u loved reading about
Before we go in to a competition time
Id like to thank
the otaku momentum
superhappy anime fun time
and 2 assholes talking about nerdstuff
now Award time
Im doing a competition for who has the best review of a game movie hentai or anime/manga the winner will be published

clip of the week remember manly anime

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

horror review Decent part 2 damn thats a deep pit

anyone remember the descent 1 i did but i kept getting the story mixed with the cave . this movie starts off where the decent part ended as the only survivor Sarah recovers from hospital and the recovery team seek to find the others . a cop has suspicions about how she survived and gets her to help them find the area she got out . yes shes dragged in again . and yes nobody gets out as the creatures from part 1 hunt them down . why am i being vague nobody cared about this film besides the horrible timing for the film premire its december christmas time. Only me and the people that reside in hell who go to this instead of watching a film where someone finds the spirt of christmas again boring shit. so i thought this was enjoyable but i reccomend to see the first film before watching this

Monday, December 7, 2009

Hell Girl season 1 - some anime is better without moe

Ok there is no story except for some parts dealing with the shinjuko shojo -Hell girl who is the spirit of venegence who if contacted through a website at midnight by anyone who wants revenge for in return when they die go to hell . will torture and drag your victim . the series is definately different with a good pace and easey to keep up with each episode tkaes place with a different case dealing through both sides of the coin hell girl and the contact . i loved the animation in this the entrance with the cherry blossoms really is astonshing i would reccomend this series to anyone really despite who girl nerd says

Comedy -Umm not really

comdey is about a five-year-old girl during the irish war of independence who went in search of the mysterious Demon’s Castle. She wanted to recruit the infamous Black Swordsman, who was portrayed as a dark, skilled, swordsman. She wanted the swordsman to protect her village from an imminent attack by English soldiers; however, the Black Swordsman would only accept a particular genre of books as payment for his services. Upon receiving the book, the swordsman engulfed himself in reading the novel. While the girl anxiously waited for the Black Swordsman to finish the novel, the English approached the Irish village. As an attack was imminent, the Black Swordsman finished the novel and rushed to intercept the skirmish, where he quickly finished off the English soldiers. The bodies vanished; the girl knew where to probaly hell, but the swordsman told her not to not tell anybody about it, or he would kill her and probaly gut her like a fish. Umm besides the fact that i dont remember any swordsmen in ireland during history class englsih eyes dont glow and it was a bit slow for a 10 minute short it was really good the animation was breath taking never before have i seen anime that dealed with irish history

Hide and seek (Kakurenbo)

Hikora a 10 year boy who plays a dangerous game of hide seek by the ruins of a abanded city who to superstition children dissapear supposedly tkaen by demons. he is joined by his best friend and some others that arent very importnat . his goal to find his younger sister who played the game and disappeared . i wont spoil the movie its only a 40minute film but this is breathtakily beutiful animation it won tokyo best film award i suggest anyone to watch this

hey recovered from hell and i brought anime -

Soichi Negishi is a young idealistic and talented . His dream to 1 day become the worlds best pop singer. He's just got 1 problem he talented in metal hes the famous Johnass Klauser 11 in the band detroit Metal City and he sucks at pop music. This 12 episode oav is absolutely the best music related anime to come out in years . Screw Beck . this is Insane With the metal songs about rape hell and killing and the fans overacting to everything the band says and does. This is truely anime gold. the art styling is different with a mixture of old style shonnen with some truley detailed work in scenes Id recommend this for sure

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

hey guys there will be a delay

hey guys there will be a delay in info in the next couple of days due to an attack on me if u want more info check the the indo for wensday if u want proof

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hey guys its been awhile Review Golgo 13 the professional

Today im going throw in some new reviews in the next coming days no word on veronica taylor but hey shes busy and has a family
so here golgo 13
no real story it was made in the early 80s dubbed by streamline but the story consists of golgo ( a refrence to the hill jesus died on the cross) a elite assassin and his targets . the animation is very dated but still a classic just like legend of the overfiend . but even the flaws of his face having the same emotion when hes fucking to having a cup of coffee afterwards stays the same never changes its still a enjoyable animated movie in the last year we now have the series which goes into a epsiodic version of the same idea golgo always gets his targets
Reviews that will be done is
Fooly cooly
Excel Saga
bible black
legend of the overfiend
Elemental gelade
Gurren Lagann
Detroit Metal city
and the podcasts guardians alike and otaku alike will be posted up

Friday, October 23, 2009

hey guys help the cause of moving me out of my parents house and support the anime love

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Some annoyances Eirtakon and such

During my time on the net Some annoyances have popped up and I like to say them since its relating to anime and all 1 Folks on are really pissing me off I have voice so Im speaking my mind i didnt even insult someone specifically and they still insult me because Im abrasive and bad grammar. wait bad grammar come on i went to college and seconadry school once before unless Im getting paid so will they fuck off and leave me alone

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Phantasy Star Universe

Hey Guys Damo here
Today I will be talking about the infamous online Sega game Phantasy Star Universe(this includes the both the original and the expansion Ambition of the Illuminus).

P.S.U has 3 Different modes which consists of Story Extra and Online Mode

The Story mode follows a guy called Ethan Waber as he journeys into a world of adventure.
As the story begins Ethan is going around on a air board when he accidentally gets knocked over by a passing car.
The Passenger of the car gets out and helps him up, Later on a ceremony is being held for the Maiden of Gurhal who is the leader of Peace in the Gurhal system. When Ethan looks up he realises that's it the same girl that helped him earlier from the crash.
He is then invited to become a Guardian for Gurhal but refuses the offer because of his father being one and didn't want to follow in his footsteps because of him abandoning his family years ago.
After a while he changes his mind and meets up with his trainer called Karen Era who somehow looks similar *ahem* i wont tell you anything further for that part its a good shock.
As he goes further into a Guardians missions he faces a threath to the system from a Cast called Renvolt Magashi.

Extra Mode is available after completing chapter 6 of story mode.
this mode consists of all the missions from story mode and 3 extra ones.
Also in extra mode you get to create your own Characters (4 slots is free to create 4 different characters).
I also forgot to mention about the classes.
these includes Hunter (Meelee),Ranger(guns) and Force(magic)

Online Mode is Like Extra mode but is harder to lvl your character.
You can enroll for online by going to this link
Its €9.99 for the first subscription you do and €20 for 2 months in second subscription.
there's two types of subscriptions one is once off(2 months only) and the other is reoccurring(yearly).
This Mode includes lots of updates like new Missions, weapons, items and the online exclusive classes which are more pure classes compare to the same ones offline

Basic: Hunter, Ranger, Force

Hybrid:Wartecher, Guntecher, Fightgunner

Advanced:Fortecher, Fortgunner, Fortfigher, Acrofighter, AcroTecher, Protranser

Master: Mastergunner, Fightmaster, Masterforce
for more about these classes check this link:

Hope you enjoy

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

End of A Era Bye 4kids

Now u see them now u dont Remember ash or jaden or sonic and cheese well say bye after 4 kids announce a 14.75 million revenue loss at the end of the quarter and might sell a part or whole of the company . Many of you will celebrate with this thought But there is a bad side to this . 1 It was a major anime liciencer maybe not for our age group but 1 the same it . this will affect the anime industry . 2 could spell the end for the english franchise of yu gi oh tcg because even with the bad dub it creates new fans and with that more duelists . No new duelists means its souly dependent on the original fans who have a limited budget on cards and merchandise. So let us have a moment of silence for 4kids before we celebrate and let us pray for those lost shows and hope that they find a new home

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Question 1 What inspired you to create this fantasy philosophy epic such as Heaven ?

I just started thinking about what in life is anticipated to be something amazing, but ends up being kinda lousy. Then realized that the greatest promised reward, Heaven, might have a lousy payoff too.

Question 2 What made you decide to make Baris a addict

It seemed to fit the story. I know a lot of people who seem addicted to their great ideas but never implement them.

Question 3 Do you think that your novel playing for keeps will make it across the waters coz im dying to buy it

Question 4 How much research did you have to do before starting the heaven series ?

I pretty much researched as I went along. I'd think I'd want to do norse stuff so I'd hit the library and wikipedia.

Question 5 will we see more interaction and history for the harvest god and gamma the warrior goddess because I find those gods a mystery at the moment?

Probably. :)

Question 6 I see small hints of lessons of a geekfu master in your work of playing for keeps and heaven it this intentional or a accident?

I'm not sure what you mean. If it's writing style, then sure, it's unintentional, it's just the way I write. But Lessons was a collection of nonfiction essays while the other two are fiction, so I'm not sure I see the parallel.

Question 7 What advice do you give to geeks in the world on how to survive existence?

Be confident in your likes and try not to scoff too much at the norms. As we all know, when someone looks down on us, we tend to get prickly. It happens the other way too.

Well thank you so much for the interview so much Goddess Mur Lafferty you are one of my idols ever since i started listening to the heaven series which ive listen to at least 5 times. May you continue to inspire and leave us listeners and fans with tales of Gods at War and Underdog super people for many more years to come

Thanks so much for the interview, and I'm so glad you like my work!

Monday, July 6, 2009

First ever interview with someone

The word god gets thrown around from time to time. But Today I have a interview with 1 of the op gods of fiction. Move over dean koontz and time to retire Mr King I have talked to the next god of fiction . And with his pen as his sword of blood and his beta clone army he will soon be running the planet with the FDO and Mur Lafferty. So lets begin the Interview

hanks JC. I know you have a very busy schedule.

You're quite welcome! I love chatting about my work.

Question 1 What was your inspiration for writing Personal effects Dark Art and Sword of Blood

The Personal Effects series was created by Jordan Weisman, an icon in the gaming and Alternate Reality Game industries. His original concept had the story set in a mental institution, with several key characters who had specific personality traits. Beyond that, the creative responsibility was placed upon me to breathe life into those people and places, and craft a story that was both spooky and compelling. I love the supernatural thriller genre -- I'm a big fan of Stephen King's work in particular -- so I pushed forward with a tale that played up the psychological terror angle.

It was a blast. It was a lot of fun placing good people -- characters like Zach Taylor, an optimistic art therapist -- into bad locales and situations. I wanted the story to be dark, but not too dark ... and I wanted it to slip into the supernatural world slowly, in a believable way.

Question 2 With some of the greatest works written by you 7th son and now Sword of blood and Dark art do you think you can give some advice on writing and podcasting to some of your fans?

Sure. If you want to do it, you simply have to do it. This is good advice for any profession or creative endeavor. Too often, creators spend their time pining for time to write, or praying the story will write itself. There is no time like the present, and that story won't write itself. Actually *doing the work* is the only way to get it done. While that sounds elementary, it's the only true key to achieving your dreams.

Question 3 Your competitions for The Sword of Blood and the brink swag and free bookmarks why so generous with us?

Because my fans have been generous to me. There would be no Personal Effects or 7th Son without the endless support of my fans. I want to give back, whenever possible.

Question 4 Is it Jeremy or Jesus Christ JC?

Actually, the "J.C." stands for Joan Crawford.

Kidding. Those are my first initials: John Christopher.

Question 5 Why does Scott Sigler despise and love you at the same time?

He is clearly jealous of my good looks and wily charm. And I'm taller than him.

Question 6 Who do you think should play John Alpha in the 7th son movie? Im always free and il work for peanuts.

If they make a 7th Son movie -- and while it's been optioned, that's still very much up in the air -- I'd love to see Ryan Reynolds take on the role. He's best known for his comedic performances, but I've seen him in enough action pictures to know he's got plenty of Alpha in him.

Question 7 The main character in Dark art and sword of blood seems very similar to john the 7th son the youngest any reason?

I believe the only significant similarities is that they're both creatively motivated, and are shoved into terrible circumstances. I feel that they are very different people ... but they'd probably get along if they met each other at a pub.

Well I just like to thank you very much this my best birthday gift of anyone to email you and Im still waiting to get my hands on Dark Art unfortnately they cant get it here in ireland yet due to reasons I dont know . But I hope the book comes and you will have a massive success with this and many others to come

Thanks so much, Sean! I had a great time with this interview!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sorry guys for the lacking in news Heres a update

Central Park Media filed chapter 11 - Here lies Central Park Media They brought us anime in the early days of the 80s They brought us La Blue Girl Legend of the Overfiend Ueatna and the MD Geist
Other news- Blood the last Vampire has made it to Ireland on Friday sweet a better live action than dragonball
Diamond Cancells some more manga titles for July and August.
analysis- fuck the anime world is coming to end we are all going to die

Friday, May 8, 2009

we got shafted

our brillant blog got mentioned by super happy anime fun time and declared war against thomas

Saturday, May 2, 2009

So much blood out of 1 hole

Sean-Alpha here again just giving this weeks info and reviews

First News - Yesterday Sony announced their rights for the live action Blood the last vampire which was made earlier this year

Dragonball has fallen to 11th spot in the US box office

And A-kon anime convention has been cancelled due to swine flu worries

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A podcast that may not suck

Me Sean Alpha and 2 other idiots will have a podcast released on this site so why not give us shot and if u guys have some advice for us we'll be open to advice and critisim so keep ur eyes peeled for the 3 ojamas podcast

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Review Attack Swim Team vs. Undead

This movie started on a high note as the opening credits showed a strange sign saying there was 3 days to the swim meet. I will not continue this review because it was so silly it would make me sound stupid saying the story but this film does have scantly clad women in swim suits undead zombie teachers talking about apples water assassins posing as students and a girl who can shoot a lazer beam from her pussy

So timmy where did the priest touch you today

the biggest mistake has made euro 19,756 in 2nd weekend has anyone thought this film was going to be different ...i think not . I personally went to go see the train wreck of a film it was funny which is bad cause it was a action film my god i want my soul back from that film.
Other news
Oasis has given permission for their song fallen down for the new upcoming anime series Back from Eden
And finally the mighty Mur Lafferty is to release the end of the Heaven on June First with this book called War. Mur Lafferty is the brillant author of Lessons of a GeekFu Master and Play for Keeps Personally I'm dying for this book to come out for awhile now