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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Some Bronies holding a gun to my head-MLP Review

If you were born in the 80s or early 90s you probably have heard of My Little Pony . But it wasn't till Lauren Faust famous for her work on titles such as Quest for Camelot, Cats Don't Dance and Powerpuff Girls took a series infamous and famous for marketing a toyline for it to be popular. and created  My Little Pony: friendship is magic. The first season introduces a fascinating new concept well for a young girl shows- character development and villains that you can sympathise with. The main characters consist of Twilight Sparkle a purple unicorn pony who constantly tries to achieve near impossible standards of goals trying to please her mentor the ruler and demi god Princess Celestia AppleJack a workaholic earth pony Pinkie Pie a schizophrenic hyper active and at times slightly mad pink party obsessed earth pony fluttershy a quite timid Pegasus pony who's loves animals Rarity a semi English accented posh fashion designer pony and to finish things off Rainbow Dash who at times has caused debate in the past with the design blue and rainbow colored hair pony who is tomboyish and a bit of a risk taker some bloggers have commented in the past that she is the token lesbian pony but you can only analyse a show so much till you start talking Bull.

 So the First series takes place with Twilight Sparkle taking the narrative position trying to make the show a educational so for international viewers when you see e/i symbol on certain shows that means they are trying to make a educational show . After the semi success of the educational part of the show but a huge success with tribute to various TV shows movies and Internet memes . They knew they had a hit. In comes Season 2 we see 2 major changes besides the stepping down of Lauren Faust . The first major change was the drop of the educational marker leaving the whole educational portion and focusing on the true secret of success with the show a mixture of tribute to many different shows and movies and a small bit of pandering especially when giving background character a bit of speech aka Derpy the ditsy pony .The other major change was the step down of twilight sparkle as main narrative focus so some episodes don't even have her in it.
But what really is fascinates me as a non devout follower of the show is quite simple . the world is unlike its previous predecessors . Its not a Utopian society . They are villains that have well thought out plans Nightmare moon a sister demi god that wants to choke the world out of oxygen why because she represents the moon and always in the shadow of her perfect sister . Discord a complete misfit and reject from the higher demi god world that with a joker approach just wants to see the world burn and the changeling what I think is the mutated aftermath of what happens when demi gods reproduce and go wrong . And what tops it off  is simple background characters some of them are born with brand marks or cutie marks in the show of being gifted at being crazy so naturally its a world where one can be born unbalanced . Now where is the downside of the show . Well a show that has such a huge following can be over hyped at times some episodes such as the Jr ponies or cutie mark crusaders can be annoying since they never learn the lesson they are supposed to learn and seem to be focused. Now the real question is what is season 3 going to be like will it live up to the rest and what will happen with the Fandom after the dreaded episode 72 mark will they disappear into other fandoms or give up the con scene or ( I know I keep using the "or" too much) the real fear is the die hard creepy fans out there calling for someones head or the blood of someone if the show ends. When I asked the Leader and Admin of Bronies of Ireland about me writing this article he said "I look forward to reading it" . Lets hope he still feels the same after the article is read since he knows where I live. MLP 3.8/5 horse puns

Another review-Final Destination meets Sherlock holmes

When a anime series  create a unambigious title of their their show Im quite a skeptic since its trying to hard to make the show sound mysterious . But this took a major suprise me . Based in 1998 centres around a 15 year Koichi who moves from Tokyo while his father does a business deal over in india But he misses a few weeks due to a collasped lung .While in hospital he meets some of his classmates who visit him there and a mysterious girl whith a surgical eyepatch . When school starts the student act very different when he approaches the young girl . Circling around the events of a curse that happened 26 years ago and the strange occurances in class 3 .  Like all good mysteries im going to leaving the story like that because I dont want to ruin the story for people. Now the anime does have flaws the first 2 episodes can be difficult to get through with just a pure info dump till episode 3 . Also the ending sequence looks very similar to hentai ending with a visual novel . But the series has a good mixture of horror/ mystery elements and keeping a high pace story from episode 3 to episode 12 and to add to the mix using pyschological elements of the uncanny freud theory to keep you at a unease till the end. So I give a 4/5 umbrellas well worth the watch.