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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The State of Horror in film Sinisterly not so paranormal

I truly remember back when horror films even a cheesy one had well plot, direction and development. That was back from 1970 to early 2000. Even the sequels followed a set of rules that was told and explained  in the Scream franchises. Well nowadays horror stopped being about creating tension and a story.
In the last few weeks I went to see what the modern age of horror had to offer in light of Halloween. Sinister and Paranormal Activity . They both follow a very similar theme using old camera effect that the blair witch film made popular.

When Ellison a crime writer (Ethan Hawke) moves into a house with a horrible past of the previous owners being hung in the back garden. He discovers a film camera of previous families getting killed . Then well the plot sort of goes to shit Honestly spooky noises and a pagan god called Bughuul who eats children's souls. Yes, you read right pagan god of child eating . Then typically set spooky sounds and what not .The rest is a given and what happens in the end. Conclusions- O Ethan didn't you do good movies like Training Day, But why this film the director Scott Derrickson last film was 2005 was brilliant . So why did this film fails so badly maybe the film was written by a Amateur script writer and using the pagan god thing seems to scream desperation (Yes it is 1970's culture and pagans are so known for worshiping gods that eat children) Now the demon in appearance looks like Slenderman with a metal look to his face . So this film gets a 2.5/5 dead babies. So make up for this here is real horror

Paranormal Activity. 4
It starts where 2 ending the aunt killing the family and taking the child . Skips 5 years later to 2011  and another family another town where the kid from the second film and aunt are living next door. Now you may think could be a spoiler But think people ( scene kids playing soccer then a creepy child in the distance watches them). The perspective is done from the female teenager going around with a camera . Then After the creepy child hunter aunt or mom gets sick he stays with the house and repeat same things from the rest of the franchise . Conclusions just like saw final destination and tom six films why do these people get money and permission to vomit this -1/5 demons