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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Long waiting Dance of the Vampire Bund

This anime was released in January 2010 and was based on the manga of the same title by the mangaka Tamaki Nozomu . The story revolves around Mina Teppes which in originally watching this series I thought she was saying Tapas a Spanish light meal. Mina is the queen of the vampire world which in till recently has kept in secret from society . Now Mina has decided to announce to the world that their kind exisits to the human world and they are moving their kind to a island purchased from the japanese government by paying off the country's national debt . The story starts off to a good start with minor annoyances coming to mind like Mina's appears as a 10 year who I can not respect or empathies in the story . Then comes the male protagonist Akira who is the cliqued lost memories approach who finds out hes a werewolf . This had some good points using elements like terrorism and being a outcast trying to gain acceptance but loses all points when it promises stuff it cant keep . This was released along the times of the moe season of doom