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Monday, November 14, 2011

Blackmail beer and Cosplay - Eirtakon Overcap

Well For my personal opinion going into the convention was a general indifference due to past experiences with the convention and past visits feeling more isolated than i normally feel being over the normal demographic for anime con goers and with recent bad pr against the convention by A yaya han's website announcement after not getting her papers in order so she can come over to Ireland for the panel. Lets play devil's advocate here people if I was a celebrity who's their income is based on selling their gear at conventions and the convention didn't get myself in time and prevented me from getting my income I'd be a in a sour mood with them .  But besides that and a few people who have a vendetta with the convention posting to other groups about dumb people's posting insulting them. But this year was enjoyable alot less isolating than other years with a better mix of old/new fans so even beig over 18 at a convention didn't make you feel like a weirdo. The convention was well run with only a few complaints. I personally enjoyed most of the convention by just walking around enjoying the site and drinking later on the evening chatting with various members of groups from bronies to Ireland Cosplay to IGA Game group . I give this convention a 6/10 Glomps For High time hilarious moments of chatting debating and acting nuts