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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

hey guys there will be a delay

hey guys there will be a delay in info in the next couple of days due to an attack on me if u want more info check the the indo for wensday if u want proof

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hey guys its been awhile Review Golgo 13 the professional

Today im going throw in some new reviews in the next coming days no word on veronica taylor but hey shes busy and has a family
so here golgo 13
no real story it was made in the early 80s dubbed by streamline but the story consists of golgo ( a refrence to the hill jesus died on the cross) a elite assassin and his targets . the animation is very dated but still a classic just like legend of the overfiend . but even the flaws of his face having the same emotion when hes fucking to having a cup of coffee afterwards stays the same never changes its still a enjoyable animated movie in the last year we now have the series which goes into a epsiodic version of the same idea golgo always gets his targets
Reviews that will be done is
Fooly cooly
Excel Saga
bible black
legend of the overfiend
Elemental gelade
Gurren Lagann
Detroit Metal city
and the podcasts guardians alike and otaku alike will be posted up