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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Article - cliques within the subcultures

Whether your a anime fan or gamer within a larp group or some that participates in sports. You might notice that even joining a new hobby or been at it a few months cliques usually form from whatever organisation or team you join . For instance a anime subculture based in ireland would at glance consist of a closed knit community of people with similar interests joining up together at times for conventions . But at closer glance it is a composite collection of gaming fans who spend their days at the convention with the video game room and small pockets of fans joined together not talking to other groups because of either seeming awkward or differences in other interests such as I like cosplaying and they aren't cosplayers or A vast difference in ages . For myself going to a convention in Ireland at times can make myself look like a creep because of the age gap being 23 while most anime fans are between 12-18 here . Same goes with gaming groups such as a larp with the idea in mind that its possible to make new friends and what not . it can still be increasingly hard because most people who join larp groups go with friends that they went to college with or work with really and meeting up for social events outside you particular hobby or sport can be near impossible . People no matter of past experiences dealing with how hard it is to make friends will always over look this factor . Now don't hink this is article on lack of friendly nature in subculture and hobby groups when you join and during your time they will help you socialise with their groups be may this is club or larp session and you also need to attempt conversation . But social glue and attempts to become a larger group when history will always be the stronger factor . Im sure this will always happen even joining a sport as a team . A new member of a team will not stick with the team mate as much as a group of lads who have played together since the age of 6 or so . In conclusion no matter what people may say history with being someone will be a great factor in making friends than joining a club or society

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dead End Entry - Marai nikki Review

this manga and anime came from the mind of Sakae Esuno who writes for shonen ace magazine . The story revolves Yukiteru Amano a self described life observer who does not participate in any aspect of life with a fear of disappointment or rejection and immerses himself in taking diary entries about what is happening around himself and talking to what he believed as 2 fictional beings out of his imagination called Deus the god of time and space and Muru Muru Deus's assistant. Yuki recieves a text from Deus one day from school asking to meet him and there he is told he is forced to play a Survival Style game using A Future prediction phone for the title of the new god of space and time . The story gets interesting after the character Gasai yuno protects yuki from the 3rd diary holder tries to kill him . she is the ultimate form yandere due to a abusive upbringing to be the perfect girl . The story is well driven not going over playing the supernatural elements and relying more of the paranoia of the main character and Gasai yuno and the chase between the diary users . the anime was released just the beginning of the month and is well produced with a limited use of CG work only using them for Deus and the meeting room of the numbers . Well worth a watch 5/5 phones

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Robotic Arm augumentation -Ghost in a shell (movie)

Nowadays this film has been in the shadow of the series the film in its on right still takes a beautiful blend of animation and cg blended to the point where you cant even tell where the cg begins and the animation ends.Based on the manga of the same name by Mamoru Oshii who is also famous for Patlabour films The story involves a branch of law enforcement called Section 9 who is charge of crime prevention in dealing cybernetics augmentation. the main character called Major and Batou who have expertise in dealing with dangerous criminals with advanced cybernetics. they have to deal with a mysterious hacker by the name of puppet master whos been hacking anyone's mind and making them commit from anything such as terrorist attacks to suicide while babbling on about a green man and project 2051 . In my own personal opinion this film should be considered as a fundamental watches for any fan of not just anime but of sci fi films as well because of its philosophical dialogues and its very gritty cyber punk feel to the animation and theme