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Friday, August 12, 2011

Apps abnormalities and such Serial Experiement Lain

Serial experiment lain directed by Ryutaro Nakamura made in 1998 is what some people say cyberpunk in the decade . The series revolves around a world similar to our own but instead of using the internet uses a communication system called the wired which itself is a anagram for the weird Lain is a normal yet naive girl who becomes entrapped in series of strange events involves her school and family members .The series back then may have been cyberpunk and fantasy but in now a days its normal using terms such as apps and the wired to do so many things compared what the internet could do back then I believe the series explains the reason why a god could exist in this reality . As the series progresses it shows more symbolism involving what is your identity and social masking . The general plot of the series gets stranger mixing  facts and real live snippets creating a sense where you question yourself as an identity and self worth . As for animation they use a dull bleak style of artwork using elements of small computer graphics to enhance the cyberpunk feel of the show enforcing the story even more . the music is a solid mixture of techno and the opening was done by a british group called boa called duvet which feels similar to alot of the musician dido