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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Battle Girls time Paradox = time Waster

This show premiered during the spring time slot over in the japanese audience but something tells me this was better suited as a oav special found at the bottom of box of cereal. The show showed very little effort for being what its worth being based not on a manga/light novel or original concept but based upon a pachinko machine . Now when the marketing team came up with this idea who were the demographics couldn't be the otaku and neet audience as most eechi titles are geared towards since these machines are for gambling . Neets and otakus would rather buy models and creepy products based on characters. But the series begins as Hideyoshi (sounds fimilar) a ditzy school girl who accidentally gets transported to a parellel version of the past where instead of fighting kingdoms warring over getting control of their dynasty the world is filled with big boobed women fighting over magical armor pieces to rule the world. Now even keeping in the concept of that its eechi they remove any sense by getting rid of any male characters which doesnt make any sense at all
terrible anime god forsaken i give it big 0