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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Looking Back Classics Ranma 1/2

Ranma 1/2 created by  Rumiko Takahashi in 1987 which still produces films oavs and series to this day . In its hay day of the early 90s when Anime started off in popularity it was huge . Nowadays its barely known to its sister younger series  InuYashaha and the fandom has died something that is bound to happen with all fandoms today. But what is the show about and does it hold after 25 years after the first years of its print d├ębut in Shonnen Jump comics.

  Ranma Saotome is a expert martial artist who during a accident while training with his bumbling no good father in china fall into the cursed springs a mystical area where if one falls in transforms them into the last thing that drowned in it . The result if cold water is splashed on him transforms him into a woman . The father falls into the cursed panda spring which results him transforming into a giant panda . Ranma then learns to inherit his dojo and school of martial arts he has been arranged to marry one of his father and other pupil to his martial arts style of Anything goes martial arts daughters becuase of his fathers debt problem .
Problems get more complicated back in Japan where Ranma father's friend has set him up with his youngest daughter Akane Tendou . She is cute extremely athletic what can possibly be wrong with her . She hates men. The series deals as they cope with each other while Ranma deals with all the suitors going for Akane and his rivals.

Well does it hold up ? Well the animation has aged incredibly and some of the numerous jokes about the Chinese such accent can be considered insulting but remember people its a comedy. This anime has created some of the biggest tropes in anime today changing into a female , the perverted sage along with over the top martial arts fights.
While I will admit its dated it sure holds up as a comedy gold . Even its Dub is incredibly well down having some of the best talent that is still around today such as Tabitha St Germain who played yuki in the series . 4/5 Anything goes martial arts