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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Guitar Riffs and moe o my Review K-on

This very very popular series based off a 4-koma series by Kakifly which was published May 2007 has become sort of a landmark series for most anime fans . the series is a slice of life show that is based on a group of young high school girls who set up the light music or or pop music band and club. each episode of the show shows their day to day lives and how they progress as musicians . Each of the girls is a stereotypical designed to show the maximum amount of cuteness and moe factor appealing to both female generating a huge audience. There is Yui who plays the gibson les paul who is the typical cute klutz and also a ditz on intelligence Ritsu the loud mouth cute one who likes scaring people Mio that gets scared easily and very cute Tsumugi who is the rich cute one and Azuna who Mio clone except looks like shes 8 and there fore people assume she is very cute . But Despite for the moe the music and script i well done with decent animation done by ASCII Media Works who also worked on Angel Beats paying extra attention to finger movements on the instruments . As a bonus in the second season switches from pop to more of a rock theme in episode 10 focusing on the teacher and supervisor of the club who used to be a heavy metal singer . This series gets a 7/10 bass guitars