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Friday, February 26, 2010

black lagoon Review

When Rock a normal Japanese business man gets kidnapped by modern day pirates which includes  Revi a american psychopathic women who is hot tempered bad mannered chain smoking and alcoholic hot piece of ass who can kill u as quick as u blink A black man known as Dutch and a hacker named Benny . He learns 3 things 1 his work is not what it seems 2 a boat can take a helicopter in a dogfight and 3 he loves the pirate life he soon joins the crews and gets involved in their dealings but my review is only a small taste i give this anime 10/10 torpedoes a well worth classic

Good new posts finally up Review - Panties boobs and fighting Kampfer

O.K here is the story a guy named  Natsuru SenĊ that he has been chosen to be kampfer by a disemboweled stuffed animal 1 night whose destiny to fight other kampfers for some reason or another . Only draw back to this situation only girls can be kampfers so when a Kampfer is near by he becomes a girl . Story doesn't grab u yet how bout he/she can shoot fireballs in fights. No how about the fact the opponents are beautiful girls with big boobs and weird personalities.o.k how about that the fact that the girl who he likes has a crush on his girl form . Listen  I never said it was a plot driven anime and it isn't but a show with a good mixture of violence disembowled stuffed animals and boobs with a decent style of animation is a good enough watch by any straight man's books. So i give this series      a 5/10 on the mindless plot but entertaining