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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Code Geass

Set in the far flung future the country Britianna has conquered the world making japan and its people second class citizens .The main character Le louch has gained the power of Geass by making a contract with a mysterious girl to make anybody do anything once and the story takes place as he tries to take down the monarchs of britianna This series gained major suceess through showings on Adult Swim . This series has some ups and downs . there character designs done by Clamp is alright bordering somewhere really good and typical anorexic traditional style  . The characters are well developed but have some draw backs such as lelouch himself is considered a asshole with intelligence using section 11 people(japanese) to for-fill his quest for his own needs looking through a story at a glance . Further develop goes on to say the idea of this character and his goal in the story is that he is asshole because to create a better world and peace between people you need a proper government and place all blame and hatred toward one character . From looking at the story this way I began to really enjoy the series . But as a real positive was the mecha designs of the series combining elements of realistic mech design mixed with some medieval theme gives a good escaflowne-esque to the show except some of the romantic elements .So I give this show a 3/5