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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Robotic Arm augumentation -Ghost in a shell (movie)

Nowadays this film has been in the shadow of the series the film in its on right still takes a beautiful blend of animation and cg blended to the point where you cant even tell where the cg begins and the animation ends.Based on the manga of the same name by Mamoru Oshii who is also famous for Patlabour films The story involves a branch of law enforcement called Section 9 who is charge of crime prevention in dealing cybernetics augmentation. the main character called Major and Batou who have expertise in dealing with dangerous criminals with advanced cybernetics. they have to deal with a mysterious hacker by the name of puppet master whos been hacking anyone's mind and making them commit from anything such as terrorist attacks to suicide while babbling on about a green man and project 2051 . In my own personal opinion this film should be considered as a fundamental watches for any fan of not just anime but of sci fi films as well because of its philosophical dialogues and its very gritty cyber punk feel to the animation and theme