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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

AKB48 the anime review

Based on the AKB48 idol group is one of the strangest and yet brilliant hidden gems of 2012. Set in a universe where the organization has banned music and art as they disturb the heart. As a result of a planetary war. Now they don't explain why they have to do this . But 48 years after the laws have passed and a newly formed AKB0048 a underground miltant pop idol group that performs concerts for millions of people while avoiding or confronting the government's new police force called Des.

The story centres around a group of young girls who attended the early efforts of the band and are inspired to audition to be part of the group. From first glance of the story it seems a bit silly especially if you aren't too pushed on the pop heavy j-pop or sounds a bit too cutesy . But the what makes this show entertaining is the little things that just make this show so bizarre.First of all when they describe fight i mean shoot down police mechs(which are brilliant designed) by all sorts of random ways including a lazer show with high power  lazers ,bows that shoot electricity,and microphones that turn into lightsabers. But to be main stage isnt a straight road to run . These group of girls run away from hoe to train on Alibaster planet to become the new generation 77. They stay pure train dance practice and practically give up their whole lives to become these performers/fighters . but they arent the whole fighting force of the group .The die hard fans fight along side almost like suicide bombers to defend the group of 48 or so girls of different generations.
Yes the plot is over the top bit of fluff . But for what it is its entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable with a couple of mysteries like a member who is actually a robot , a manager that no one sees or how are they actually choosen . directed and created by the Shoji Kawamori who in the past has created Macross and Battle Ship Yamato 3/5 Light shows out of 5.