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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Conventions Year in Review

2012 is a year most convention goers would never forget . It was a year of high and lows but plenty of action So I thought a great thing to do is a wrap up of everything

2012 saw two conventions go from up and comers to Super Star conventions . Now before the beginning of the year I have never been to these before nor did I have any mates working at these conventions .But the sheer friendly and helpful nature of the staff go beyond anything I have ever seen before . First was akumakon in its second year with their highlights being the Leo and Satan web series creators as special guests along Masoko X voice of Goku in DBZA and creator of the first Naruto Abridged . Now unlike many conventions previously that I attended the staff treated more like friends then a walking money sign. Special Thanks has to go out for James Fitzgerald Sharon Nolan and John Burke who stood out as helpful and welcoming staff that as a panelist for the first time made everyone feel relaxed and were extremely helpful . Then in August Akumakon decided to up their game by announcing at Nomcon 2012 a Hirokatsu Kihara a artist who has worked with Studio Giblhi and has his own manga based on Inishmore and the producer of Inyusha and Detective Conan shows along with allowing me to do a panel outside the traditional standards by showing a Gore Fest Panel . Surely 2013 will make Akumakon a jewel not just in the Irish Con Scene but being a shiny example to other conventions in other countries.

Next on the list is Arcadecon 2012 . While Akumakon is the jewel of the anime con scene Arcadecon was the Craziest Convention ever on different levels. unlike most conventions that focus on different areas . this con now on its 3rd run is balanced level on all accounts with activities for everyone . With a small list of highlights being the vita showcase of the ps vita The voice actor of Raiden from Metal Gear Solid Larp group Camerilla Larp Shinjuku Game and Jet Set Radio/Professor Elemental performance on the Saturday of the Convention. At this point the only thing that could stop the convention from becoming the bigger and better Comic Con is the element of Time . Declan and his crew were helpful and friendly and kept everything on time

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Here's hoping 2013 will be a great year of anime Gaming and conventions where people can make friends and plenty of memories