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Monday, March 19, 2012

Magical shopping Arcade Abenobashi

This classic goofy made by Hiroyuki Yamaga centers around 2 young cousins Arumi and Sasshi . Their family close friends but when a strange occurrence happens when one of the families decides to move away and Sasshi grandfather has a accident . The two cousins magically end up in a another world exactly similar to their own neighbor hood expect different. I know you may be asking yourself how why and what the fuck. Yes people today I am talking about a nearly episodic format show comedy . Each episode takes them to different world covering every  genre to parody from Noir to Mecha . With  a colorful cast of characters . This truly is a good watch for anyone new to anime or a hardcore anime fan . There isn't alot I can say about this show mostly because it will either ruin the show some bit of plot or ruin the silly gags for you so i recommend anyone who wants a good laugh