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Monday, January 23, 2012

Sugar Alcohol and Nicotine Akumakon 2012

When people mention Galway it usually involves horses and gambling. But this past weekend it held the only Anime and Gaming Convention in the West. Akumakon in its second year was something like a complete surprise for me. This convention was absolutely one of the best conventions I've ever attended For a convention over over 400 people attended the convention was run with very little problems and providing a fun and relaxing convention .The staff and committee were absolutely excellent while being professional and effective in dealing with drama which there was little to see and helping special guests and panelists with their stuff . They also showed a personal enjoyment running the convention and being approachable to most people. Highlights Special Guests - MaskoX and Leo and Satan panel . They were amazing MasokoX and Chris O'Neill and Sean Kiely were entertaining and informative and showing that even being internet superstars they were still approachable and friendly human beings .The second is the Events each of the events seemed almost special and unique to Akumakon these included A special breathtaking performance of Chronic Candies and the work of Tab Kimpton a specialist and expert on Steampunk fashion. Fire dancing that not only was breathtaking seemed to entrance the audience including myself and on personal note hosting my first ever panel which was satisfying after so many years of getting rejection from my panel . The panel went particularly well including two pranks pulled on the friendly rivalry between Me being a anime fan and the bronies subculture. And The steam punk talk on the Sunday. Truly absolutely I have fallen in love with a Galway girl she's crazy fun and never dull . Her Name is Akumakon 5/5 stars booze and sugar rushs  
IwI would like to personally thank a few people that made the convention great
JoJohn Burke ,Sharon Nolan and The Commitee and Staff of Akumakon they did a fantastic job not just making a great convention but making everyone feel welcome and helping me with my first panel everduring the 
Bronies of Ireland Group   for being good sports about the the jokes on stage about them and the pranks for a a unique fanbase that can come out as sometimes cult like They seem a friendly and easy going group
Irish Cosplay and Cosplay Ireland are two organisations that have shown the true talent of the  anime community can do. And a final thank you for ever single attendee that made the convention welcoming .