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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bronies a Outside Review on their culture

Bronies culture was developed somewhere between October 2010 where people between the ages of 14- 35 immerse themselves the tv show my little pony friendship is magic . I know for some people this seems to be a strange fandom but lets not forget Tranformers, Gi Joe and Spongebob square Pants have all had their moment in time where they have also had cult following . After watching 3 episodes of the show I determine that these people must be a fan of waterbrush art because the series is like having sex with a clown bright color overload and living on a pinata diet(too sugary and sweet). These people have made fan art dressed in the style created fanfics and mash up videos all involving this series. The critical Response to this show from Ms blogger Kathleen Richter has deemed the show sexist and racist . Saying it show negative stereotypes of females and showing no black ponies in the show . Hold on and lets analyze this statement I may not have post graduate degree in feminism like Ms. Ritcher is but I can tell you 2 things automatically without watching that many episodes . 1 Stereotypes in women the show is specifically designed to teach kids about friendship its in the name the accents is only made to differentiate one creature from another  and 2 I'm pretty sure that as ponies they have fur why would they care about their skin color  if they are covered in fur and they are too many different colors racism in that world would be complicated to work out and would result of a whole generation of inbreeding and mutation because they don't like pink they would stick to staying their their own heard. Other haters a lot them involving negative comments on boards and forums have shown that these people need to go back to school . The spelling of these people and reasons for hating them are just plain stupid. the worst of these was covered by a Fox news red eye report where these people not just ridiculed them. but it seemed to show that how truly ignorant republicans can be at times and in my own opinion showed that one of the hosts looked like he was on cocaine. Now why do I have a hatred for these bronies , Technically I don't its just growing in a state full of radiation going through hardship when i moved here and attacked I am literally the exact opposite of everything the show stands for unless the secret magic is actually radio active veins and seething hatred for most things cute that don't have boobs.  But in the greater circle of things what are the bronies they like a animated show they costume fanfics mashup videos and write reviews on stuff . Sounds familiar ...... thats right people this is the start of a offshoot of anime fans and comic book fans another geek medium that should of started back in the 60s and 70s with Fritz the Cat and Fire and Ice so in the future I shall find out why has it taken it so long for this group to pop up.  Also I like to thank the admin of Bronies of Ireland for indirectly providing me with enough info for this article