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Monday, December 7, 2009

Comedy -Umm not really

comdey is about a five-year-old girl during the irish war of independence who went in search of the mysterious Demon’s Castle. She wanted to recruit the infamous Black Swordsman, who was portrayed as a dark, skilled, swordsman. She wanted the swordsman to protect her village from an imminent attack by English soldiers; however, the Black Swordsman would only accept a particular genre of books as payment for his services. Upon receiving the book, the swordsman engulfed himself in reading the novel. While the girl anxiously waited for the Black Swordsman to finish the novel, the English approached the Irish village. As an attack was imminent, the Black Swordsman finished the novel and rushed to intercept the skirmish, where he quickly finished off the English soldiers. The bodies vanished; the girl knew where to probaly hell, but the swordsman told her not to not tell anybody about it, or he would kill her and probaly gut her like a fish. Umm besides the fact that i dont remember any swordsmen in ireland during history class englsih eyes dont glow and it was a bit slow for a 10 minute short it was really good the animation was breath taking never before have i seen anime that dealed with irish history