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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

End of A Era Bye 4kids

Now u see them now u dont Remember ash or jaden or sonic and cheese well say bye after 4 kids announce a 14.75 million revenue loss at the end of the quarter and might sell a part or whole of the company . Many of you will celebrate with this thought But there is a bad side to this . 1 It was a major anime liciencer maybe not for our age group but 1 the same it . this will affect the anime industry . 2 could spell the end for the english franchise of yu gi oh tcg because even with the bad dub it creates new fans and with that more duelists . No new duelists means its souly dependent on the original fans who have a limited budget on cards and merchandise. So let us have a moment of silence for 4kids before we celebrate and let us pray for those lost shows and hope that they find a new home