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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fandoms Fight

Fandoms we see them every where online and at conventions . From Twilight to Bronies .
 It encompasses everything in geekdom . But at times it can just feel overwhelming and scary .

The good and bad thing about fandoms is its personal it allows us to express our creative side and passion .
 But sometimes it can go too far everything . As far as main stream media, members of the geek community and the professionals that make the media that we love can see us as a little scary.Like a force of nature . We kinda deserve some of the shit we get .
Our passion can make things a little creepy . Take a look on line to sites such as deviantart to see that we as people have a darker side, 
  But we have created art animation music all inspired by the things we love . The dark side is often the most loudest and verbally active in any community . But this article is 3 of the biggest and strangest fandoms to date Juggalos and Bronies and Hetalia Axis Powers

We all know them by now . Guys ans girls over the age of 8 that love my little pony friendship is magic . While most people at conventions enjoy them or at least tolerate them . I think most people wouldnt have a problem with them if wasn't for the blind worship of the show . It seems like alot of these people are discovering their geek for the first time. I enjoy the show, music and art created by alot of these talented people . But why wont I really don't like being called a Brony . One I hate labels most of us at one time or another is called names to be different so labelling yourself is you might as well beat the crap out of yourself . I was bullied for 3 years in my original secondary school in Clane so I deserved this much of not being labelled again . Two I've been enjoying animation for years why call myself something over a franchise . Cartoons with adult jokes with references to other stuff I enjoy .Well its been while but to name a few that did this Animaniacs Freakazoid and Sam and Max . I love these shows but there is no tags with them . And finally the whole welcome to the herd mentality. It shows off the dark side of fandom I'm really have no time or interest in . Drink the coolaid and shut up should be there tagline at times instead of Tolerate and Acceptance not everyone likes or wants to try to like the show.So let be shoving a show down someone throat isn't going to get them to like any more in fact it's part of reason why I trolled them . Are they bad noo Just a little over overenthusiastic at times with normal tropes they are just getting used too. Famous Celebrities Andrew W. K

On the opposite side of the spectrum is Juggalos . What is a juggalo ? A juggalo is a fan is of psychopathic records and Insane Clown Posse  . These people are famous and infamous even more than any fandom out there . Many cities have labelled this fandom as gangland activity . But it preaches acceptance just like the Bronies so why is so different Juggalos listen to horror music so rap about gore and violence sets a dark background straight  off the bat . Compared to other sub cultures that is geek based . Juggalos are more outcast than most .
 Juggalos come from very different backgrounds but the majority of them are from lower class . Now don't get wrong I know a few very intelligent mates that are or were juggalos at some point . They mostly show low creativity and little sign of interaction of other people outside the culture . from what I see of interviews of the fandoms they show similar tendacies with other fandoms such as Bronies as the whole acceptance motto . But with  .Famous Juggalos - Charlie Sheen

Hetalia Axis Powers is a anime about the  re enactment of history . The countries are represented by cute girlish men and there is no dark brooding death over tones with the war segments as its a light hearted comedy .Try imagine WW2 with pillow fight instead a of mindless bloodshed of millions . But the fandom is something completely different . While over here in Ireland the fandom  has died down over the years . But over in America the fandom has increased and with the numbers comes its craziness such as anything. Homo Erotic Art , stories and cosplays all centred around this show . It seems to annoying to so  many people . But why from numerous interviews of people of the american convention community its becuase the sheer amount of fanatical worship of the show. Maybe for a mini episode cutesy show it doesn't really have the appeal of any fandom could relate to . It doesn't have references to other franchises such as mlp or have great plot such as other shows. It's light cutesy fluff.It's amazing why this pick up so much steam . For me the real pain was the sheer amount of young fans in less than normal scantily clad cosplays . Girls from ages of 13-17 wearing nothing much but a flag to cover there goods. It's slightly offensive wearing a flag and making underage women well a walking target for sexual deviants. 
While again this isn't going to be a easy issue  to tackle to say the least everyone is going to have a fandom to hate due the actions of loud and creepy members . The main issue is going to be when these things clash Famous people -non mostly young anime fans

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The trouble of the geeks fans vs fandom

This is a topic that has plagued geeks for generations . Can one simply being a fan without being in a fandom. I decided to write this article because a friend of mine is contemplating quitting being a fan of something that he loves because of the actions of other people .
Some people will say you cant love something unless your in the fandom of it . but for me and many others it can't be true. so this is some tips for people who just want to love their interest in their own way

  1. Watch the show ,read your book and enjoy it - this is simple as it seems enjoy what you like as some people think its strange geeky or childish just go on with your own life . why care about other people's opinions . just like football or sports you can express interest in a show or movie or franchise you can like something being in a fandom can be crazy lots of in house bickering over theories and concepts and weird and disturbing topics over characters . But they arent you dont just run with the pack be yourself 
  2. Being of fan of something isn't just your life live it . This again is simple but in practice its harder than it seems . Being a anime fan such as myself can be hard especially when your 24 . the majority of fans will enjoy shows like naruto , fairy tail and what ever the shonnen jump throws up. but we never grew into that we had dragonball which was good but we enjoy it more now as a nostalgia feeling of being 10 again . Not the same thing as naruto being endless . So there is no chance of people expanding tastes and developing interest in other shows. but i digress . these are shows properties . We all live lives outside our interests whether it be college , work , sports friends and family . just live it try developing other interests outside the geek sphere you may learn to appreciate things differently . As for example I work in social media and go to college on part time basis and have friends that don't like anime but can appreciate and respect my own interest.
     3.Sometimes fandom can hurt a franchise - When a show or property gains a huge following it can hurt       the property . It is like too many cooks spoil the broth . For example Star Wars and Harry potter and Star Trek . These things can be enjoyed individually but the fans can hurt it being making extend the stay like any good story .There needs to be a beginning , a middle and a end  . Star Wars and Star Trek now have prequels, books , games ,fanfics that rip apart the continuum of the story . I don't want to now about jar jar binks political duties or how dumbledore gay relationship with harry potter went beyond that one section in the books . Its just wrong . How would you like it if i were make naruto or goku inbred because of a line they could of said out of context.      

It be worse if affect the property writers run out of ideas and rehash old properties and steal ideas and for animation it can go downhill to cut costs (see naruto shippuden in later arcs). Bleach is a example when they started using psp abilities it got cancelled why because he ran out of ideas without a proper ending

so to end Enjoy your intrests but live aswell you just might enjoy it just as much