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Friday, September 14, 2012

Tekkonkinkreet- concrete violence and odd animation

Tekkonkinkreet is a film based on the manga by Taiyō Matsumoto is a story based around two orphans living on the streets in a old run down district in the fictional city of Takaramachi (Treasure Town). It shows how the two children survive as they create a 2 person gang that rules over the old area and how they handle other gangs in the area and how they confront the yakuza and even worse enemies trying to take over and change the city. As for animated film the story is very little to tell without spoiling it . The children back stories are not really explained Kuro(black) the eldest is the aggressive force. Before the story takes place he was violent and aggressive and out for blood  . He didn't care who he attacked or killed . Shiro(white) a naive simple child almost autistic in nature is the opposite barely aware of the events that happen to him around him . The real story and character revolves around the secondary villain yakuza Suzuki (Rat) a old style mobster who actually shows back story and  development as he explains who his kind are being forced out for a newer kind of villain which I 
 wont spoil for the audience . The movie title is actually a kid's pronuoncation of Tekkin Konkurito (Steel enforced concrete) The music and visual imagery used in the film can be odd at first glance but following the work of studio 4 degrees which has made such brilliant work such as Karenbo . It is film with action passion and amazing metaphors. 4/4 Cats