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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another review-Final Destination meets Sherlock holmes

When a anime series  create a unambigious title of their their show Im quite a skeptic since its trying to hard to make the show sound mysterious . But this took a major suprise me . Based in 1998 centres around a 15 year Koichi who moves from Tokyo while his father does a business deal over in india But he misses a few weeks due to a collasped lung .While in hospital he meets some of his classmates who visit him there and a mysterious girl whith a surgical eyepatch . When school starts the student act very different when he approaches the young girl . Circling around the events of a curse that happened 26 years ago and the strange occurances in class 3 .  Like all good mysteries im going to leaving the story like that because I dont want to ruin the story for people. Now the anime does have flaws the first 2 episodes can be difficult to get through with just a pure info dump till episode 3 . Also the ending sequence looks very similar to hentai ending with a visual novel . But the series has a good mixture of horror/ mystery elements and keeping a high pace story from episode 3 to episode 12 and to add to the mix using pyschological elements of the uncanny freud theory to keep you at a unease till the end. So I give a 4/5 umbrellas well worth the watch.