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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Last season review of Baka to Test Shōkanjū

Probaly 1 of the best shows this winter season to come this show revolves around a school where your intellegence will reflect your learning environment. aAfter the entrance exams you will put in to a classroom according to your grade such as the main character who helped save a girl from fainting and in return failed his own exam and is now in a dilect crappy classroom full of thugs and near do wells . the main group of characters include his best friend a former child prodigy with a plan to change the school A russian girl who is a genuis at maths but cant understand kanji a peeping tom voyeur a trap and the girl he saved who is a genuis at everything but always falls ill This is a brillant show with alot of good humour and twist and turns 5/5 must watch