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Monday, July 6, 2009

First ever interview with someone

The word god gets thrown around from time to time. But Today I have a interview with 1 of the op gods of fiction. Move over dean koontz and time to retire Mr King I have talked to the next god of fiction . And with his pen as his sword of blood and his beta clone army he will soon be running the planet with the FDO and Mur Lafferty. So lets begin the Interview

hanks JC. I know you have a very busy schedule.

You're quite welcome! I love chatting about my work.

Question 1 What was your inspiration for writing Personal effects Dark Art and Sword of Blood

The Personal Effects series was created by Jordan Weisman, an icon in the gaming and Alternate Reality Game industries. His original concept had the story set in a mental institution, with several key characters who had specific personality traits. Beyond that, the creative responsibility was placed upon me to breathe life into those people and places, and craft a story that was both spooky and compelling. I love the supernatural thriller genre -- I'm a big fan of Stephen King's work in particular -- so I pushed forward with a tale that played up the psychological terror angle.

It was a blast. It was a lot of fun placing good people -- characters like Zach Taylor, an optimistic art therapist -- into bad locales and situations. I wanted the story to be dark, but not too dark ... and I wanted it to slip into the supernatural world slowly, in a believable way.

Question 2 With some of the greatest works written by you 7th son and now Sword of blood and Dark art do you think you can give some advice on writing and podcasting to some of your fans?

Sure. If you want to do it, you simply have to do it. This is good advice for any profession or creative endeavor. Too often, creators spend their time pining for time to write, or praying the story will write itself. There is no time like the present, and that story won't write itself. Actually *doing the work* is the only way to get it done. While that sounds elementary, it's the only true key to achieving your dreams.

Question 3 Your competitions for The Sword of Blood and the brink swag and free bookmarks why so generous with us?

Because my fans have been generous to me. There would be no Personal Effects or 7th Son without the endless support of my fans. I want to give back, whenever possible.

Question 4 Is it Jeremy or Jesus Christ JC?

Actually, the "J.C." stands for Joan Crawford.

Kidding. Those are my first initials: John Christopher.

Question 5 Why does Scott Sigler despise and love you at the same time?

He is clearly jealous of my good looks and wily charm. And I'm taller than him.

Question 6 Who do you think should play John Alpha in the 7th son movie? Im always free and il work for peanuts.

If they make a 7th Son movie -- and while it's been optioned, that's still very much up in the air -- I'd love to see Ryan Reynolds take on the role. He's best known for his comedic performances, but I've seen him in enough action pictures to know he's got plenty of Alpha in him.

Question 7 The main character in Dark art and sword of blood seems very similar to john the 7th son the youngest any reason?

I believe the only significant similarities is that they're both creatively motivated, and are shoved into terrible circumstances. I feel that they are very different people ... but they'd probably get along if they met each other at a pub.

Well I just like to thank you very much this my best birthday gift of anyone to email you and Im still waiting to get my hands on Dark Art unfortnately they cant get it here in ireland yet due to reasons I dont know . But I hope the book comes and you will have a massive success with this and many others to come

Thanks so much, Sean! I had a great time with this interview!